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The Chavin People

No description

emily miller

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of The Chavin People

The Chavin People By: Emily Miller This civilization was located in the Mosna Valley which is modern day Peru and Ecuador. The Chavín were a civilization that was from 900 BC to 200 BC. The Andes Mountains were located in this area. The most well-known archaeological site of the Chavín era is Chavín de Huántar Chavín de Huántar served as a gathering place for people of the region to come together and worship People went to Chavin de Huantar to attend and participate in rituals, consult an oracle, or enter a cult. an oracle was an authoritative person who would tell the future. The temple is a flat-topped pyramid surrounded by lower platforms. It is a U-shaped plaza with a sunken circular court in the middle. The inside of the temple walls are decorated with sculptures and carvings. The temple was surrounded by stone figures depicting different gods and two pyramids. It is known that the people of Chavin had religious beliefs because many artifacts show that religious ceremonies were held. Large shells have been made into musical instruments by drilling holes in them so they could be played as horns. Were they religious? Did they make or invent any interesting tools? Some things are believed to have been used to take the hallucinogens. They were believed to have ceremonies to induce hallucinogens. Hallucinogens were used because people believed they could have contact with their gods. *a hallucinogen is a drug that makes someone hallucinate small mortars and pestles that were used to grind vilca. *vilca is a sort of hallucinogenic snuff. they also used bone tubes and spoons to use the vilca. Those items were decorated with impressions of wild animals. The Chavin culture is known for its beautiful art and design but, Chavin was also innovative with the use of metal and science of textile. What else did they do? *textiles are fabrics. Cloth production was revolutionized during the time of Chavin New techniques and materials are popular through the use of camel hair, the painting of clothing, the dying of camel hair and the "resist" painting style. (aka Tie-Dye) Chavin people worked gold, silver, copper and probably some alloys. Ceramics had an important development at the time, it was mainly monochrome (black, gray, brown).
Cats, eagles and snakes are represented in the Chavin pottery. It is believed they worshiped the jaguars, since this animal appears in many of their pottery. it is unknown why the Chavin culture declined. They would trade through Caravan Trade. Thank you!
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