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Environmental Sustainability

No description

Jeane Kwa

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Environmental Sustainability

What are the measures taken by the different groups?
Environmental Sustainability Schools Programme (SAIIA Sasol Environmental Sustainability Project started as a pilot project in 2009. It aims to raise awareness of the current environmental sustainability debate among young South Africans.
Conservations such as Project Abroad started. It aims to create a protected conservacy and fight against drought, desertification, illegal hunting and land degradation which are major problems in South Africa. This plan was quite successful and educational.
Environmental Sustainability
Effects of economic development on the environment
Primary effects
How does economic development affect Environmental Sustainability?
Climate change poses grave threats to South Africa
Environmental protection and economic growth are important for sustainable environment
South Africa is rich in natural resources like gold, metals, minerals, coal and diamonds, thus it depends greatly on energy production and use.
South Africa's energy consumption rate is very high ad it is energy-intensive.
South Africa is fully committed to growing its economy through use of energy resources to meet its development objectives. However, it lacks human, legal, institutional and financial capabilities.
What is Environmental Sustainability?
About making responsible decisions and actions to protect the world and the surrounding environment
Environmental sustainability is important as it will affect businesses and individual's sustainability in the future
Environmental degradation
Air pollution
Marine pollution
Waste production and hazardous wastes produced
Loss of biodiversity
Secondary effects
Respiratory problems and even cancer caused by air pollution
Bioaccumulation slow down development and cause birth defects when humans eat the marine life
Industrial waste are very toxic, damaging the health of aquatic animals and their consumers, causing immune suppression, reproductive failure or acute poisoning
Microbial water pollution is a major problem in the world, result in infectious diseases like cholera and typhoid fever (primary cause of infant mortality). They infect aquatic and terrestrial life through drinking water.
Polluted water cause an increase in aerobic algae and it depletes oxygen from the water, suffocating aquatic organisms. The quality of drinking water is also reduced.
Acid rain cause harm of marine life in the rivers and lakes it contaminates. It can result in mortality.

Overall, agriculture, industry and tourism would also be affected.
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