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egypt and madgascar


leon stupid

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of egypt and madgascar

Egypt and Madagascar By: Garrett Jackson Egypt is mainly dependent upon the Nile river for its resources and trades While Madagascar is surrounded by water and therefore is not dependent upon a single water source Although Madagascar is not dependent on one water source its trade routes still depend on water as it is an island here are some pictures of the two countries here are what the two countries export for Egypt: cotton(high quality)j Egypt mainly exports cloth and wool and other things like, petroleum products, semifinished iron and steel products, and pesticides Madagascar exports items like caocao, vanilla, shellfish and other natural spices and minerals. They also export textiles and cloth materials like home furnishings Madagascar's population as of the 2008 census is 19,110,941. Egypt's population as of the 2008 census is 81,527,172 Egyptian goverment: this consists of a partly presidental republic who is head of the government and head of state Legaslative power in Egypt is vested in both government and the people's assembly Executive power is exercised by the government Madagascar's government That is all I will tell you for now because I could drone on and on and on so............good bye!
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