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Wind chimes around the world

No description

Tasha Brunetta

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Wind chimes around the world

Wind chimes around the world! Tibet Tibet wind chimes are manufactured from
Bronze and coloured plastic. The features of these bells are the brightly coloured wind catches. These chimes consist of small bells and the hanger is shaped like a cone. The Tibetan people use these chimes as prayer bells. India These wind chimes are made out of terracotta. The key feature for these wind chimes is the beautifully carved wind catchers with one shaped as a leaf. Idians used these wind chimes as decoration. Korea Traditional Korean wind chimes are made out of copper and bronze and are smaller versions of the multi-ton sounding bells found it Buddhist temples. The sail used on traditional Korean wind chimes is usually a piece of copper in the shape of a fish. 'fish never stop moving'. The fish characteristic the Buddhists as it symbolizes their constant earthly struggle to reach nirvana. Japan The Japanese wind chimes are usually made up of glass or iron.The key features of these wind chimes it’s the blossoms. Other Japanese wind chimes are modeling of the ancient temples.These wind chimes are mainly used as decoration. China This wind chime is made out of metal and a brassed tone. Some Chinese wind chimes are also made out of bamboo. The key feature for most Chinese wind chimes is the ring (top of the chime) which is usually a dragon. They were consisted spiritual objects that were believed to attract good spirits and drive away the evil ones. It was also used as a decoration. Africa African wind chimes are no different from any other wind chime, but the materials are different. Most African wind chimes are made out of coconut, bamboo and other woods.The key feature of these wind chimes is the way the chimes are carved and the patterns painted on them. The African wind chimes were usually made for decoration but also considered as a musical instrument. Thank you for watching! By - Tasha Brunetta 8tech01 :) Parts of a wind chime. Wind chime sounds Wind chimes are chimes constructed from suspended tubes, rods, bells or other objects and are often made of metal or wood. Wind chimes are usually hung outside of a building or residence, as a visual and aural garden ornament, and are to be played by the wind. What is a wind chime? Wind chimes produce in- harmonic sounds.ound can be produced when the tubes or rods come in contact with a suspended central clapper
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