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Tech Expo- Energy and Power

No description

Mr. Olsen

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Tech Expo- Energy and Power

Mr. Olsen
What is Energy?
There are two types of energy, Kinetic and Potential
What is Kinetic energy and
what are two examples?
Can you name a
source of energy
and give an example?
How can we take the
following items and make a
vehicle that moves?
How do you use
energy in your life?

This leads us to power.
What is Power?
What does all of this
mean to you? What is this leading to?
Energy & Power
Energy is the
capacity to do work
If Energy is the capacity to do work, then what is work?
Work can be defined as a transfer of energy
Work can be calculated by using the following formula:
Work = Force x Distance
W = FD
Force is equal to the weight or mass being moved.
Practice: W=FD
1- A box weighing 20 Newtons is moved 3 Meters
W = FD or W = 20 N x 3 M
W= 60 J
Work is measured in Joules (J)
Force is measured in Newtons (N)
Distance is measured in Meters (M)
Your Try:
You need to move a toy car weighing 5 Newtons a total distance of 4 Meters. How much work is needed?
Try some example problems with the student sitting beside you
Energy at Work
Running Engine
Person Walking
Golf Club Swing
Saw Blade Turning
Energy at Rest
Golf Ball on Tee
What about a roller coaster?
Does this utilize Kinetic or Potential?
Let's do an experiment.
What is Potential energy and
what are two examples?
Sources of Energy
Power Plants
Radiation Therapy
Light Bulbs
The Sun
Thunder Clap
Rubber Band
Power is the rate at
which energy is
transferred or used.
What type of energy does a vacuum cleaner use? Is this energy transferred from one form to another?
What type of energy does a car use? Is this energy transferred from one form to another?
Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
Think back to the car. Does all the energy of the gasoline get used to move the car? Or does some of that energy get converted into something else?
Energy is typically
"lost" as Thermal energy
Rubber Bands
Might we need some
other materials?
Get ready to get All Wound Up
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