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Invisible Man chapter 10

No description

Egypt Dunn

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Invisible Man chapter 10

Historical Reference Kimbro Literary Devices Irony
It is ironic how the paint company is called "Liberty Paint Plant when liberty is not present. Brockway Characters and Changes : Important plots and elements: 1. How does the process of creating the white paint translate to the expectations of blacks held by whites in society?
2. How do authoritative figures in the narrator's life have an impact on the narrator's perspective?
3. How do the union workers in the North compare to the Southern blacks? Discussion Questions The process of making paint ...compares to the narrator because
he is black and he tries so hard to fit in (202). The union opens up the eyes of the narrator and shows the contrast of the North and the South The North is strong minded and they express how they feel; whereas, the South are weak minded and are content of being oppressed (220-221). This chapter leads up the narrator's reawakening when he gets into the altercation with Brockway (225). Union Workers Kimbro The narrator Macduffy 2. The narrator is not as gullible or trusting as he was in the past.
(page 206 states, "Kimbro...he, like the trustees and Bledsoe was playing one on me..." The narrator undergoes two very distinct changes in this chapter.
1. The narrator no longer allows oppression to control his life.
(page 206 states, "To hell with the whole thing... I'll find another job" MacDaffy hired the narrator to work at the factory. He wanted to replace the union workers with the young black boys. Kimbro is known as "the colonel" at the factory.
His beliefs mirrors Booker T. Washington
He believes that the blacks should be greatful that they were given jobs
pg. 197 starting with "the wise guys... His behavior mirrors Dr. Bledsoe
He forces the narrator to leave when he did not meet his expectations
pg. 206, "go to see MacDuffy; your through" 1. Brockway works in the basement of the factory.
He helped developed the company's slogan
pg 217, "If it's Optic White, It's the Right White"
The slogan displays how Brockway feels about his black race being inferior to the white race
He accepts this and contributes to the advancement of the oppression and inequality 2. Brockway is similar to Dr. Bledsoe
He is a black man of power and has some for of understanding with the whites

He wants maintain his status, so he'll keep down the other black men to make sure they don't jeopardize his position The union workers are a group of white men that work at the factory but are fed up with mangment firing them and hiring young blacks.
starting on page 219 This group represents racism Vocab Invisible Man:
Chapter 10 By: Egypt, Ruby, Jara, Von
Period 2 Motifs Allegory
The logo of the screaming eagle is an allegory.

The eagle is the bird of America and because it is screaming, it represents America screaming for help.

This can also translate to the blacks screaming for help to be set free since a bird is usually caged. America is the cage blocking the bird fro spreading its wings. Liberty Paint Plant Booker T. Washington Kimbro believes that the young black men should be grateful for the opportunities they are given.

It parallels Washington's ideas about blacks moving slowly and climbing up to success. Declaration of Independence The title of the factory is referencing a part of the Declaration of Independence that states that every citizen has a right to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".

This reference displays how the paint plan is trying to be the paint of America. 1. Shrewd- Showing quick practical cleverness; Syn: Dangerous, Mischievous; Page 208 - "Returning, he looked at me sharply, his withered face an animated black walnut with Shrewd, reddish face."

2. Belligerently- Carrying on war; eager to fight; Syn: obnoxious; Page 210 - "His lips shot out belligerently."

3. Dissimulating- Concealing under false appearance; Syn: Fake,Phony; Page 211 - "Maybe he was dissimulating, like some of the teachers at the college..."

4. Fink- An unpleasant or contemptible person, in particular; Syn: Spy,Nark; Page 219- "He looks like a dirty fink to me."

5.Anguish- Excruciating or acute distress, suffering, or pain; Syn: Agony,Torture; Page 224- "Why hadn't I simply felt,I thought with anguish."

6.Irrevocably- Not to be revoked or recalled; Syn:undone, unalterable; Page 230 - "I tried to speak,to answer, but something heavy moved again, and I was understanding...had lost irrevocably an important victory." Why was it included?

The purpose of chapter 10 was to unmask life in the north. Most southern blacks traveled north because it was like a dream that held freedom. But as we follow the narrator's journey in the north, we can understand that discrimination was still prevalent.

Chapter 10 served as a reality check Questions?? Macduffy hired the narrator and was replacing union workers with young black men in the factory.
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