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steal your style assignment

No description

nybian sharpe

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of steal your style assignment

Steal your style assignment My model is my cousin jordeen. grey sweater
Jordeen paid:$18.00 eskimo hat
Store:blue notes
Jordeen paid :$80.00 dark stone wash pants
Store:blue notes.
Jordeen paid :$40.99 Black Jansport bag
Jordeens paid:$100 Wolf greys (jordans)
Store: Footlocker
jordeen paid :$100 Pink lip gloss
Store: Claires
Jordeen paid:$9.99 Altogether I paid $161.00
Jordeen paid $171.88
I know this because i add all the
number from my items and her items. I think that mine is better from jordeen
because my is cheaper and even if its the same thing
it is for a cheaper price.I do'nt think people like to pay
alot of money for a outfit that one day it would'nt even fit
you Thank you
from: My plan was to find the same outfit
for a cheaper then she paid.I wanted to
find those same item from diffrent stores.
Some of these item that i got from these
store she did 'nt get them from these stores. I think that my out fit is better because it is cheaper then
hers.You get to spend your money less then you do on her
outfit .
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