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The Tortoise And The Hair

No description

Steven Buring

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Tortoise And The Hair

The Tortoise And The Hare Once there was a rabbit who thought he was the fastest
creature in the woods and all he did was brag about it.
So one day the tortoise decided to challenge the rabbit to a race. The rabbit laughed and laughed at the thought of the
slow tortoise racing the fastest creature in the woods. The tortoise insisted on racing so the rabbit agreed.
So the next day the rabbit and the tortoise woke up for the big race. They both lined up at the start line and the race began. The rabbit flew down then path then stoped and turned around to see the tortoise just passing the starting line. The rabbit decided to stop and eat breakfast. The rabbit munched away at some cabbage. Full of cabbage, the rabbit closed his eyes and dozed off in the hot sun. While the rabbit was asleep, the tortoise passed him and was close to the finish line. When the rabbit woke up, he saw the Tortoise about to cross the finish line.
The rabbit went as fast as he could to the finish line, but was too late. The tortoise had won the race.
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