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No description

Travis Vanbelle

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Brazil

Brazil Dream Vacation Where Am Going Brazil Over 2000 Beaches
Amazon River and Rainforest
Iguaçu Falls
Brazilian Culture and Food
Great Weather
I How I Will Get There Plane from Toronto
at 3:30pm

Arrive in Rio de Janeiro
at 8:25am

It will cost $1,671.84
Canadian Dollars to get
there and back. Rio de Janeiro Hotel Sheraton Hotel
in Rio de Janeiro
$195.00 per night Things To Do And Why Go To
The Beach Visit the
Iguaçu Falls Sugar Loaf Mountain Ilha Grande Island Pedra
Gavea 1.00 CAD
1.74 BRL The temperature occasionally
reaches over 40 °C

The temperature is moderated
by breezes from the
Atlantic Ocean Climate Food Aprazível
Restaurant "Some of the best Brazilian
food is served in this magical
tropical garden and terrace
overlooking the city." Brigadeiro
Candy Safety Concerns Malaria Although potentially fatal,
the disease can be avoided
if proper precautions are taken. Nearly all of Brazil's potentially serious illness are carried and transmitted by mosquitoes. Brazil has an estimated 16,000
hospitals, clinics and
local health centers Overall Brazil is a safe
country to travel in.
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