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Reading Poetry

No description

Patrick Trowse

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Reading Poetry

ReadIng Poetry understandIng the language
How do we analyse poems? technIques Imagery - The use of comparisons such as, similes, metaphors and personification What else? - By appealing to the audience's senses the poet enables the reader to CONNECT with the poem poetIc DevIces - Onomatopoeia
- Alliteration
- Assonance
- Rhyme
- Rhythm The poet gives a musical quality to the poem, conveying ideas through sounds. AND? Now, It's your turn! ConsIder the followIng Title - Why do you think the poet
has chosen this title?
Subject Matter - What is the poem about? Purpose and Theme
- What is the poet's purpose? Form - How is the poem constructed?
- Does it suit the message or meaning? EMOTION - What emotions are being expressed?
- What particular words arouse emotion?
- How does it make YOU feel? Some food for thought? Your Task 1. Read through the lyrics of Katy Perry's song
and highlight all the techniques that are used
to convey meaning.
2. When you have finished doing this, answer
the questions on your handout. Get ready to make some notes
- Pens or pencils
- Highlighters
- Coloured markers Stimulation of the senses Step 1 Show 15 seconds of this clIp
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