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matts career shadow project

about my career shadowing

matt daykin

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of matts career shadow project

Career Shadowing a Army Recruiter By: Matt Daykin Picture of army propaganda Picture of one recruiter doing his work Recruiter checking his e-mail Empty desk Pictures of recent recruits Flyers about the army Pictures
Army recruiters are used to help people who are
interested in the army become a part of it I can't say for sure where this company will be
in 15yrs it depends on how technology develops Recruiters need to be in uniform every day
and have to be in good conduct they cant
be horseplaying around all day The average salary and education depend on what
rank you ar in the army The Technology used in this job is the
same we use mostly everyday They need all the skills we use at mckeel currently I would pursue a job in this company because of
the benifits and expirences involved in this
company I like the freedom of eating on the job I dislike the fact that if your in the reserve
you can be shipped off at any time
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