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The Quadratic Formula- How it works

A quick presentation that teaches you how to use and understand the Quadratic Formula.

Silas Wright

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of The Quadratic Formula- How it works

The Quadratic Formula ax^2+bx+c=0 You hate seeing that,
don't you? You hate seeing
these equations I don't mean to annoy you Well, that's just too bad If
me That
you But help you! Factoring trinomials can be hard It involves
thinking of a bunch
of numbers, that may
or may not fit! For example
x^2+4x-45 Ok....
numbers that
factor into 45
that can add or
subtract to equal
Positive 4.... Too much thinking There is a
that makes no
extra thinking! No Joke Its called the
Quadratic Formula Stay with me here! It will make sense That was the formula to
help you factor trinomials And Here is how you use it x^2+4x-45 Let's look at that Trinomial again ax^2+bx+c=0 I want you to look at that trinomial
(and any others) Like this ax^2+bx+c=(1)x^2+4x-45 So now find a, b, and c. So you can replace "a" with 1
"b" with 4
and "c" with -45 Do you
realize how
I found
that? So now lets go back to
the Quadratic formula Now you just have to take that,
and plug in the "a", "b", and "c" Now you can just simplify the equation Keep on simplifying Now we have to do two different steps we add the top part together That gets us (x=5) But we also have to subtract the top part That leaves (x=-9) So now we have
(x=5) and (x=-9) Now since ax^2+bx+c=0
We have to take
(x=5) and (x=-9)
and make then equal
to zero So to make (x=5) equal to zero,
it ends up as x-5=0
(and then (x=-9) is x+9=0) And now we have
(x-5) and (x+9)
Notice anything about that? (x-5)(x+9)
This is what your
factored trinomial
looks like!! That's how
to use the quadratic
formula Lets
recap First get your
and find your
"a", "b", and "c" Then Plug
it into the
Formula Then Simplify until you
get your
results And that was
how to use...
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