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Dork Diaries 1

No description

rachel philip

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Dork Diaries 1

diaries Nikki Maxwell This is what the front cover of Dork diaries looks like This book is about a girl who went to a new school and tried to get popular but instead got two friends that understand why the CCP's (Cool, Cute, and Popular) people are so annoying. Nikki has a big crush on a guy who is a photographer for the school news paper, he's the only guy who really notices her and is nice to her. But Mackenzie is so jealous she try's to flirt with him and have him obsess with her like all the others (Mackenzie is the most popular girl in school) Brandon would always say no to what ever mackenzie asks him to do, so now shes always got her eye on him since this is her first time being rejected These people are Nikki's best friends and her only friends who are always there for her Did I mention that Nikki is a really good artist? Now I am going to show you a video about dork diaries Genre The genre in this book is realistic fiction because this is what will and has happened to people in real life and also is funny and a little bit romantic Characters The Characters in this book are Nikki who is the "Dork",
Mackenzie who is the mean CCP (Cool, Cute, Popular),
Lisa and Sarah are Mackenzie's friends that follow her every where,
Brandon, the photographer,
Nikki's best friends who are named Cloe and Zoey,
Nikki's Mom who is the sale's person,
Nikki's Dad who is a bug exterminator,
and Brianna is Nikki's 6 year old sister. If I had to rate this book out of 10, I would pick 8 for girls because this book is about a grade 8 girl in a casual normal life, and it's usualy interesting to read about someone else thats in or has been in the same situation you have been in. I would rate this book... Created by: Rachel Philip These are all five of the Dork Diaries books The author who wrote all of these books is
Rachel Renee Russell Settings The settings in this book is
-at school
-at Nikki's house
-at a country club
-at Mackenzie's house
-at Brianna's ballet class
-at Cloe and Zoey's house Thanks for watching :) Now I am going to read a page of dork diaries
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