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Sally Hansen Touch Ups

No description

Holly Kim

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Sally Hansen Touch Ups

Touch Ups Molly Adams
Holly Kim
Carrie Klotz
Amelia Suarez Ideal/Actual Situation Analysis Strategies Solution ACTUAL STATE

Nails appear messy.

Attempts to clean-up are ineffective/time consuming.

Alternatives are expensive:
-Professional manicures Dissatisfied and frustrated because: IDEAL STATE PRODUCT PRICE PLACE PROMOTION - Average Sally Hanson product price $3.50- 6.00.

-The Sally Hansen Touch Ups price $4.00. -Target
-Sally's Beauty Shop
-ULTA Beauty
-Sears Target Market
Women 18-24 Value Proposition SWOT Strengths
Readily available
Easy to use
Travel size Weaknesses
Changes consumers habits
Competition - Q-tips etc Opportunities Threats Target existing customer
Future expansion Estée Lauder
Proctor and Gamble
Avon and Mary Kay High self esteem
Receptive to new technologies
Image = form of expression Qualities Likely to purchase... BMWs
Wired Magazine
Sparkling Water VALS:"Innovators" Data from: Strategic Business Insights Data from: Strategic Business Insights Satisfied and confident because:

Nails appear clean and flawless.

Less time invested.
- No clean-up
- Do not have to retouch nails Fall 2011 Women 18-24 who purchased Sally Hansen nail care products: 118,944,000 Data from MRI + Existing Customer Base
Elle Magazine
Vogue Magazines Based on indexes on MRI +
Independent Film
Hallmark Channel Channels Based on indexes on MRI + -Unique brush to wipe away access gel.
-Mess free
-Leaves no smudges or smears.
-Strong, long-lasting brush.
- Leak protection - Durable sponge applicator
- Gel remover
- Removes extra gel in neck of bottle
- Will not leak Design and Useability
- one step process
- familiar
- travel size
Quality Questions? $3.99 $2.49
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