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Lucille Ball

No description

Tori Ball

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball
People Telling Her She Won't Make It In Acting
She went to John Murray Anderson-Robert Milton Dramatics School but they found out she was a tongue tied teenager that couldn't dance or sing.
The students and teachers ignored her. Bettie Davis was in the same class and took all of the spotlight.
The school informed Lucille's mother that Lucille was doing poorly and dismissed her.
Lucille Ball becomes Successful
Difficult Childhood
Her childhood was shaped by tragedies and a lack of money. Her father was an electrician and when Lucille Ball was born he relocated the family from Jamestown, New York to Montana. The family later settled in Michigan.
When Lucille Ball was 3, her father died of typhoid fever. Her mother remarried 4 years after her father died.
Lucille Ball's new step-father wasn't that fond of children and ultimately sent her to live with his parents.
Her grandparents were so poor that they couldn't afford pencils.
Her Grandfather
Her Determination
She remained the top comedian for more than 3 decades on television.
She was on a show called
I Love Lucy
with her husband Desi Arnaz.
She also stared in
The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show,The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Here's Lucy, Life With Lucy.
I think Lucille should get the overcoming adversity Award Because.....
Lucille Ball displayed courage by never giving up even though people discourgaged her from pursuing her dream.
Lucille Ball used her ability to make people laugh to get through the difficult times in her life.
Lucille Ball will always be remembered as the Queen of Comedy.
Overcoming those

Lucille as a child
At age 11, Lucille moved back to live with her parents. . It was during this time she discovered her unique ability to make people laugh.
Her grandpa started to take Lucille and her brother to plays.
She was fascinated by the plays so her grandfather encouraged her to audition in the school plays.
Lucille Ball was so determined to prove the school wrong she went off to become a showgirl in New York.
She didn't want to give up and found a job as a model.
After she found out she had rheumatoid arthritis she decided to go back to Jamestown.
A painter named Ratterman did an oil portrait of Lucy in a borrowed chiffon dress from her modeling job. He sold the pictures to a cigarette company overnight and soon Lucille's face was all over billbords in the town.
Lucille soon left for Hollywood after a theatrical agent noticed her. He told her Sam Gold needed a dozen well-known poster girls for a new Eddie Cantor movie,
Roman Scandals.
He had all the girls picked, but one had backed out. Within three days, Lucy was on her way to Hollywood.
Lucille's TV Career
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