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No description

Adisha Shankar

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Pollution

Pollution !
What we release in our environment
Risking Lives
What can we do to stop this problem
What's happening to the Earth !



Biodiversity means a variety of Living Things.
Did You Know...
-There is so much dirty air in the sky that the chemicals are depleting the the ozone layer?
-Chemicals also allow Ultraviolet Radiation(UV),UV rays can damage ecosystems
-Humans are also at risk from UV radiation,for example skin cancer
-Breaking down the ozone layer is affecting migrating birds because they are disoriented
What is Sustainability ?
-Canada is ensuring to protect our land,water and air for the next generations.
-Environment Canada is also working with Citizens,Levels of government,Non-governmental organization,Industry and Business to manage and to reduce pollution.
We release dirty water,gas,and other horrible things that is bad for our environment.
There is so much polluted air that people are getting sick. Pollution is risking human health.
Watch this video about pollution so you can know what we our doing to our environment.
Sustainability actually means to keep going and to use how much you need from the environment so there are some things left for the future.
Thank You!!!!!

In Conclusion , we have to preserve our Environment to have a Wonderful Environment ! I hope you understand how important we have to be when we talk about OUR Environment.
Save It !
Websites I Found Information On

-We can Recycle,Reuse and Reduce
-If we can throw products in proper bins it will make a HUGE difference
-We can also pollute less by not using cars for where-ever you go,For example,if your school is a 5 minute walk from your house I prefer not to use your car and just walk because then you are wasting your petrol and you are polluting
Any Questions??
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