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05.02 Iconic and Covalent Bonds

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Salim Asaad

on 5 July 2014

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Transcript of 05.02 Iconic and Covalent Bonds

As you may already know, you are the negatively charged particles of an atom. You live among the clouds that surround the nucleus.
Class of 2018
Welcome class of 2018 to Electronic Park High School. I will be your instructor for the duration of this freshman school year. Let us begin this lesson by me reminding you who we are. We are electrons, and you must embrace that fact with pride.
R.A.F.T Topic
You are to pretend that you are giving a speech to a new group of electrons. Be sure to mention their placement in an atom, their charge, and their role in chemical bonding. (ionic and covalent)
Placement and Charge
05.02 Iconic and Covalent Bonds
Salim Hartshorn-Asaad
Role (Ionic and Covalent)
Your role as an electron is to balance the positive charge of the protons in the atomic nucleus.
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