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Business Plan

No description

Cameron Goodwin

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan

Business Plan
Business Concept
Ultra Lyte Customized Computers will supply the highest quality computer internals possible from company's such as Nvidia®, EVGA®, Intel®, etc...

Ultra Lyte Customized Computers will sell all of our costumer customized computers from our online website.

Ultra Lyte Customized Computers benefit all local company's who buy our computers for their business with discounts for large quantity's ordered.

Ultra Lyte Customized Computers will provide courses for employees to help them understand the components so that when people call our customer service they can answer all customers questions.
Ultra Lyte

Business Plan Objectives
Our Plan is to...
Prove to you that Ultra Lyte Customized Computers can be a positive, equal, and beneficial company.
Secure approval to operate at Gordon Way, Richmond‎.
Set goals that are within success.
GoodWood Supplies Co. will be run by Cameron Goodwin. Mr. Goodwin shows excellence in organization skills and customer service.

Address: 1031 Verdier ave
Central Saanich, BC v8m 1h8

Phone: 250-652-5828
Cell Phone: 250-818-8320

Email: cameron.rowing@gmail.com
Ultra Lyte Customized Computers will supply gamers and businesses will computers that are customized to their liking.
GoodWood Supply Co. will operate at Keating X-road, Operation times will be from 7am-6pm.

Space Required for the company needs to be a very large lot, which we have acquired at Keating X-road.

GoodWood Supply Co. provide customers with the following:
Bowl Blanks
Ultra Lyte Customized Computers at Gordon Way, Richmond will provide an online website where customers can customize a computer to their exact specifications.

Ultra Lyte Customized Computers provides discounts to businesses that buy computers for their entire company.
Product, Our Computers
Ultra Lyte Customized Computers offers thousands of computer hardware varieties. We provide our customers with full customization ranging from motherboards and processors to computer towers and liquid cooling.
The Market
The nearest wood supply in Keating is Windsor plywood but they do not supply certain types of supply's
The Market
Canada currently has zero custom computer manufacturing companies, while in the United States there are two. (Cyberpower Inc. & IBuyPower)

Demand for a custom computer
company in Canada is needed because whenever a customer purchases a computer from either of the companies in the United States, there is a large duty fee involved.
Product Risks
We have multiple risks that we may encounter, most of which are during shipping. Our product is "delicate", if the ride is extra bumpy then we have a chance of components becoming lose are even falling out.

If a product gets lost in the mail then the customer will obviously become unsatisfied, thankfully once the package is in the hands of the delivery company its their responsibility.
Target Market
Our target market is from the ages of 18-60yr old males of females, due to our full customization in our computers instead of being limited to gaming computers, we can make household computers, also we are able to produce hundreds of computers for a major company wanting to upgrade their hardware, therefor increasing our target age market.
Competitive Analisis
Competitive Analysis
In the United States there are two companies that offer what we as a company would have.
(Cyberpower Inc. & IBuyPower)

Any resident of Canada who buys a computer from one of these companies, is subject to a very heavy duty fee. With Ultra Lyte Custom Computers, so many canadian PC gamers are in dire need of a online retailer of high end gaming PC's and everyday home PC's without the hassle of a huge duty fee.
Price Strategy
With Ultra Lyte Custom Computers price is totally up to the customer, which in today's economy is a huge relief when instead of having to choose a stiff price for one product.

When saying that we do not sell single product, that is false, we also offer full predetermined computers for a set price.

Prices for Ultra Lyte Custom Computers is part price and pre-customized computers. Where staff members have created customized computers and make choices of what they think the customer would like, and then selling the pre-made computer, which may also be customized further by the customer.

For configurations, a customer will choose a computer case, processor, and a motherboard. From What they have chosen the computer will detect which parts are compatible with thus said computer case, processor, and a motherboard.
Floor Plan
Promotion And Marketing Mix
Ultra Lyte Customized Computers will advertise itself during computer conventions and even sponsor certain events including LANfest, and Techtoria.

Our company will not advertise over radio or television, but instead we will advertise in CPU magazine (Computer Power User), and hopefully larger companies that purchase large quantity's of our computer may advertise our name.
Ultra Lyte Customized Computers currently does not have a website due to project complications, but the website can be compared to Cyberpower's website.

Linked here: http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/

The website will have many tabs, many configurations, monthly specials, holiday specials, and our preconfigured computers.
Production Plan
Our production will be made to order. When a customer orders his/her computer production will start immediately the next day.

When companies order large quantity's of our computers, production goes into overdrive to meet the order.

With the customizing feature of our company this eliminates the chance of over production.
Production Flow Chart
For our first couple years of being in business I cannot see our company having more than one running factory. After years of success and our graphs so a large profit margin, than maybe the possibility of opening another factory on the other side of the country in Toronto, which will decrease shipping times in the east. But for the first couple years we will obtain a building large enough to hold our production line.

An office building will be required to have maintenance to our website and to make sure a organization of orders goes through smoothly.
Our procedures make sure to maintain the utmost customer support possible, every step and check is necessary from quality checks to packaging check just before the shipment leaves to make 100% sure that the package will make it there in one piece.

If the customer is unsatisfied or something arrives broken or multifunctional our customer support team is ready to answer all question, return policies and compensation for any broken parts.
Procedures Listed Out
1: Obtain the customer order and double check that all parts ordered are in stock, and if parts are not in stock then the customer will be notified for his/her's compensation for the inconvenience.

2: Once the order has been confirmed then production begins.

Extra: During production we offer a special service that no one else offers, if the customer wishes to choose the option of being notified by email to be shown clips of their computer being made in the process, then clips every day of production will be sent via email. This is done using a code that the certain computer order has, during production the computer technician types the code in the panel and recording of the event automatically begins using placed cameras at every production station.

3: Once the customer customized computer is finished production, the computer undergoes multiple start up tests and stress tests.

4: After the computer passes all of the tests and only if it passes the tests, then will the computer be shipped . If the computer does not meet Ultra Lyte Customized Computer standards than the customer will be notified about the inconvenience and compensated for delay in shipping time.

5: Before the computer is sent out for shipping the customer will be given a tracking number for his/her's computer.

6: After the order has been confirmed delivered a optional customer satisfaction survey will be sent to the customers email.

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction.
Our equipment is for production, laser engravers, and tables for manual computer construction. Our laser engraver is an Epilog Laser Fiber laser systems with a price tag of $30,000.
Human Resources
Our HR department will be located above our website maintenance offices, where running of the company takes place. The CEO of Ultra Lyte Customized Computer Mr. Goodwin, his office is located beside the HR department. Our HR helps our customers as well as our employees. If employees have any questions relating to their workplace or job at hand, help is one call away from thier supervisor or HR.
Important Peoples
CEO: Cameron Goodwin
Vice-President CEO: Jason Goodwin
Head Computer Technician: Andrew Knowlton
Manager of Customer Support: James Connery
Head of Sales: Brittany Fines
Break Even Point
Using this equation
Break Even = Part Price + shipping cost

Example: Break Even = $659.99 Nvidia GTX 780 + shipping Cost

In order for us to reach a profit, we have to sell 5-10% higher for each part.
Start-up Cost
Our start-up price would be around $80,000 due to the large building we would require, all the necessary equipment (Laser Engraver) and all the parts required to make the computers.
A loan is required for us to start our business, a loan of $65,000 dollars would cover most of the exspences, $15,000 dollars would be payed by Mr. Goodwin.
Price List
Due to the insane amount of parts and customization in our computers, making a full price list would take a large amount of space and hours of time. For now I can provide a list of ten items to get an idea of our prices. We offer video cards from GTX 500's - 700's, processors made by AMD and Intel, and motherboards ranging from Gigabyte to Asus.

1) Nvidia GTX 690 $1,119.99
2) GIGABYTE GA-X79-UP4 $309.99
3) CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 $175.99
4) Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz $266.99
5) CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX850 V2 850W $189.99
6) CORSAIR Hydro Series H110 $149.99
7) Windows 7 $110.99
8) Seagate Barracuda 1TB $89.99
9)Corsair Force 120GB SATA Solid State Drive $149.99
10) COOLER MASTER Storm Enforcer SGC-1000 $109.99
Thank You For Your Interest
Jack is in need of a computer, he wants to customize his computer to his likings but he does not know how to put a computer together by himself. Jacks budget is $2,000 and he knows he wants a Nvidia GTX 680.

Nancie needs a home computer for herself and her kids, she needs the power so her kids can play games but the functionality for all home needs. She has a low budget, and she needs a small tower so she is able to fit it in the cupboard.
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