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M:Staying in your seat

No description

William Barber

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of M:Staying in your seat

M:Staying in your seat
V: Level of 0
P:Answering the question
Create a concept for this problem using the engineering process.
Mini Lesson- 15 minutes
(Write these steps in your notebook)
Steps of the Engineering process
1. Define a problem.
What problem are you solving?
2. Generate concepts.
Sketching ideas/solutions.
3. Develop a solution.
Team combines ideas.
4. Construct prototype.
Build your design to work.
5. Evaluate a solution.
Testing - does it work?
6. Present findings.
Presentation of results and reflection.

Work Period.
20 minutes
Fill out the back of your engineering worksheet passed out yesterday.
Answer questions 1-3. Instead of answering on the back of the page... if needed take another piece of paper.

NASA & The Engineering Process
The Engineering Process
The school water fountain doesn't spray enough water for it to be drinkable. How is it possible to be easily accessible?
Write down a way to create this in 5 minutes.
Share out.
Wrap up
What made working through this process difficult? Did any issues come along with designing ideas?
Tower Intro....
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