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Sir. Jeremy Bentham I.

No description

Chadd Mckend

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Sir. Jeremy Bentham I.

Sir. Jeremy Bentham I.
School Rules
Sir. Jeremy Bentham will be run by the following :
1 head principal- The role of our principal to provide leadership, direction, coordination and protection to make this school safe and educational environment.
2 Vice principals- The two Vp's are there to enforce the rules set by the principal when he/she is present or not. They're also responsible for student discipline, classroom observations, teacher evaluation and supervision, facilitating parent meetings, maintaining schedules, and handling logistical matters
School Rule Cont'd
Jeremy Bentham
Bentham was born February 15, 1748, in Houndsditch, near London, into a family of attorneys. He was educated at Oxford and admitted to the bar, but decided not to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Instead of practicing law, Bentham chose to pursue a career in legal, political, and social reform, applying principles of ethical philosophy to these endeavors.
Described as a philosopher, jurist, and reformer, Jeremy Bentham is possibly best known as one of the leading proponents of Utilitarianism.
Here at Bentham Institute we have the best Teachers in the Oduro district. Our teachers Follows professional practices consistent with school and system policies in working with students, students’ records, parents, and colleagues
Demonstrates communication and interpersonal skills as they relate to interaction with students, parents, other teachers, administrators, and other school personnel
is available to students and parents for conferences according to system policies.
Dress code
Dress code : A dress code sets out the appropiate dress policy established ny each school in consultation with parents through their school councils
Purpose : This dress code is designed to ensure that students are safe in school environment and that the dress code contributes to the positive educational atmosphere of Bentham Institute.
students must dressed appropiately for the weather. When it is hot students are required to wear sun hats, baseball cap TOO school.

Here at Bentham we believe in Justice should be done an done right.
All persons are intellectually equal and that differences arise solely from educational opportunities.We believed that the greatest happiness for the greatest number is the basis of morality.
We also believe that each person strives to do what makes him or her happiest. The happiness of an individual and the General Welfare are complementary; the achievement of the greatest amount of happiness is the goal of morality.
Dress code Cont'd
Sunscreen and may be sent with students in their backpack. Cold Weather Requires Hats or a toque hats, scarves, warm mitts or gloves, winter coats and lined boots.
Inappropiate dress code : students may not we any article of clothing with language and or images that indicates gang affiliations(including bandanas), that depicts violence, profanity, racial or gender discrimination or that advertise drugs or alcohol.

Hallway ill also be on patrol with our own hallway security. School rules are enforced by Principal, V.principal, teachers and hall monitors.

* please note that the school rules are made by the Oduro School board district*
About our Rules and Law

* Sir Jeremy Bentham is a Public school therefore it's free from grade 9-12. However new students who are entering the school and grade 9's students are require to pay an admission fee of $35 entry fee, this fee cover students Yearbook and Agenda.
Fifth year students are welcome back but with a fee of $150 a year or $75 per semester.
Victory Lap- students how are taking a victory lap are welcome back for free. This is because they're already graduated from the the school.
Students can apply for various scholarships if they please.
Teachers are being paid.
Our Motto
"it's only hard work that leads on-
to success". This is our motto at Bentham, this motto
simply states that only hard work that leads onto great
success that you can benefit from in the future.
The Bentham Government Students Body
A student council takes on the responsibility of representing the whole student body. The student council voices the needs, wants and concerns of the student body to the administration (i.e. principals and teachers). They are also responsible for encouraging school spirit through initiating school spirit events such as a school carnival or spirit week (a week filled with events that students could take part in like a jello eating contest, a dance competition, etc).
The Bentham Government Students Body structure
The BGSB is made up by various structure :
The President
2 Vice President
3 Treasure
8 reps, two per grade (9-12)
Extracurricular activities, clubs, sports and more!
Here at Bentham we have a lot of extra activity your kids would enjoy. We have a large variety of clubs and sports team to choose from such as :
Lacrosse and Much more!
There's no application that needs to process to enter. However, if you're coming from a different highschool you need your transcript and admission fee of $40.
All students are require to take Literacy Test, Math Examination test to graduate.
All students in the same grade will write the same test,quiz and examination. Some students may request more time to write the examination, here at Bentham we believed that everyone is euqal and should be treated equal, which mean equal time period for test quiz and examination.
this conclude or presention, hope you enjoy our guideline.
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