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Meghan Rabehl

Mrs. Waggoner

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Sphinx

Meghan Rabehl New to Destroyed After the sphinx was built
bits and pieces started to
wear away. Part on the sphinx
warn away What damaged the
Sphinx was Gun practice, but what really made it wear away was the people living near because of their cars and other things. Back to the Past The main reason why the Sphinx was built was to honor a King named Thutmose IV. He ruled through 1400 - 1390 B.C. He also made his slaves to clean the sphinx when there was sand all over it. King Thutmose IV Structure The Sphinx was well built but it took very long. It's a little over 240 ft long and as high up to 66 ft. Also the face of the Sphinx is 13 ft 8 in long. But whats left today of the Sphinx's nose is 5 1/2 ft and mouth 7 1/2 ft long. The great carving The sphinx was carved at about 4,500 B.C. It was carved all out of Limestone. First they carved the paws and legs. Legend There's a tale that the only reason the Sphinx was built was to watch over a city called Cairo. plus they believed that a god put the Sphinx there. Present Day Sphinx Before all that surrounded the Sphinx was pyramids and desert, but now there restaurants and a whole lot more. there's a city Cairo and a few shops. like any other monuments A LOT of people visit the Sphinx a little over 3 million each year. Once 8.2 million visited the sphinx in 2005. Building with hard work The sphinx was very hard to build, But people believed that it was built by slaves not the people of Egypt. Also what people thought was the Sphinx's building was used for torturer, But since they were using slaves and they worked a lot they made them little structures to live on the building site.
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