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MGMT 200 Spring 2014

No description

Emily Schudrowitz

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of MGMT 200 Spring 2014

Elevator Pitches
Case 1
Case 2
Intro to Class
Case 2 Prerequisite
MGMT 200 Spring 2014
Setting up for Case 1 (HTML)
Don't procrastinate on this assignment - there are MANY parts to it
You will use OnlineLearningModules (HTML Chapters 1-6) for this assignment as well as tutorials on Aspen (Basic HTML tutorials)
You will be creating 1 HTML file for each of the chapters + the basic HTML section (= 7 total)
Make sure you understand the WWW file section of Aspen
This is where supporting files go (i.e. images) so that they show up on your HTML pages
There are tutorials on Aspen that explain this section
Your HTML pages should demonstrate EVERYTHING shown in the corresponding chapter tutorials - *it will make it much more interesting for you to create these and for us to grade if you use your own words and photos rather than copying the tutorials word for word*
Setting up your Hosting
Before you purchase your hosting for your website, you must have a domain name.
Inmotionhosting.com will be where your site is hosted
ONE person on your team should purchase this 1-year hosting plan for approx. $12. Split the cost among your team.
You must cancel this when the semester ends or you will be charged $12 for another year
Picking a template to use
Picking a template that suits your business can be tricky.
Good templates should
be easy to read/navigate
have a very visual homepage/splashpage
utilize space well to help promote your business
pass the HTML validator/have few errors to start with
be HTML5/CSS3 compatible
ideally give you a few different styled pages to work with
complement your product/service
Stay away from distracting sounds, moving images
Your customers won't care about flashy stuff; make it easy for them to find what they're looking for
Your template must be approved before you can use it - put a link to it on the class facebook page or email a link to the class email
Customizing Your Template
When you customize your template splashpage, you will add things like SEO keywords and Google Analytics.
These are tools to help you track how well your site is doing and help your site to show up on the first page of Google.
You should also have a disclaimer on each page of your site explaining that it is a class exercise and no products are really for sale.
Splash Page
Your splash page is the first thing customers see - it should be very visual, little text, utilize space efficiently, and give viewers a reason to stay on your page.
Should include contact page, about us, dynamic features (RSS feeds, blogs, forums, etc.)
Excel & Access Prerequisite
These tutorials cover the basics of Access and Excel that you will use for the back-office portion of your business
There are 3 Access tutorial chapters and 4 Excel tutorial chapters
For each Access screen shot or Excel file, you must demonstrate all of the skills demonstrated in the corresponding chapter tutorials
There are additional Access and Excel tutorials available for you on Aspen
Front Accounting Setup
Front Accounting is how you control the "back office" side of your e-business.
FA allows you to book sales, invoice customers, manage inventory, and run reports, among other things.
FrontAccounting is installed through InMotion, similarly to how you installed a blog or your shopping cart.
Your FA page should look similar to your website in terms of design/color scheme
For this assignment, you will enter customers and their information as well as products, descriptions, and images that buyers will be able to see.
Getting Started
Join the MSU MGMT 200 Facebook page
If you would ever like to utilize Facebook chat for this class, add "Emily Schudrowitz TA" as a Facebook friend
Create an account with Aspen and OnlineLearningModules
Be sure that your Internet brower(s) is up to date
Become familiar with using Aspen
Become familiar with basic image editing and uploading various file types to Aspen
Setting up for Case 1 (GIMP)
Don't procrastinate on this assignment - there are MANY parts to it
You will use OnlineLearningModules (GIMP Chapters 1-4) for this assignment.
You will be creating 1 file for each of the GIMP chapters
These MUST be either GIFs or JPGs
These files do not need to go into the WWW section of Aspen
Your GIMP files should demonstrate EVERYTHING shown in the corresponding chapter tutorials.
If you do not want to use GIMP, you may use another photo editing program EXCLUDING MS Paint.
Case 1 Prerequisite
You must come up with a REAL business idea that you could ACTUALLY do, right now, in your current financial position.
Think about
A name
A product/service
Market demographics
Market differentiators (why are you better than others?)
SEO keywords to target
Elevator pitches are very quick (3 minutes); you must be very concise about what you tell a potential investor.
Tips for a good elevator pitch
A firm handshake
Eye contact
Good posture
No fidgeting
Stand your ground
Speak clearly
Know your business identity and your target customer
Know what makes you better than competitors
Hosting & Email Setup
Company Email
Each group member will have an email in this format: firstinitial followed by your last name @ yourdomainname.com (i.e. jdoe@xyz.com)
Your group email will be sales@xyz.com
Your COMPANY emails will be set up through Inmotionhosting. DO NOT enter a personal email into Inmotionhosting
Instead, set up your company email so that it will be forwarded to an email that you check often
Set up your group email so that it will forward emails to each member of your team
Choosing a Template
Here is a good link to get started:
After your website is fully customized, you will add in the e-commerce capabilities (shopping cart) which will allow customers to make purchases.
There are a lot of shopping cart apps to choose from in the "Softaculous" section of InMotion
You will also be writing a business journal which justifies the decisions you made when picking your template and designing your website/business, among other things.
Front Accounting Setup
Excel & Access
Linking FA with Excel & Access
The final step to complete this case is to link your FA database to Excel and Access with a "live" connection, which allows you to analyze your data and always have an up-to-date picture of your business.
To do this, you will use ODBC Data Source Configuration, which you will install onto your computer.
Once this connection is established and your data is imported into Access, you will create several Access relationships and queries as well as a report.
When your data is imported into Excel, you will use Google Analytics to evaluate potential traffic to your website
Team evaluations are an important part of your group work. These will be done after Case 1 and 2.
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