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Chem. Project


adriana martin

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Chem. Project

Law of Conservation of Mass: states that matter can not be created nor destroyed.
Balancing Equations: The reason for this is because of the Law of Conservation of Mass. We balance Equations to make the mass of the reactant to the mass of the product. Types Chemical Reactions Synthesis Decomposition Single Replacement Double Replacement Synthesis is a type of chemical reaction that
describe the combination of the two reactant
elements. In the end there is only one product.
Synthesis is similar to "Marriage"
EX: A+B=AB Decomposition is the type of chemical
reaction that describes the separation
of the to Reactant Compound Elements
so that the product of the
end chemical equation is
two separate elements.
EX: AB= A+B Single Replacement is type of chemical reaction
that describes the change from the reactant to the
product when their is one element and one compound.
In the product the element from the reactant switches with one from inside the compound. Similar to "Cheater"
EX: A+BC= B+AC Double Replacement is they type of chemical reaction
that shows two different reactant compounds change
the elements they have in the
product, similar to "Switching
EX: AB+CD = CB+AD By: Adriana M. & Partner Cumbustion Combustion is a type of chemical reaction
that is fuel/burning of Fuel. It is shown threw
this Bunsen Burner, the gas it releases catches
fire when it is sparked with a match. THE END:)
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