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Add Needed Words


Rodica Kajanovic

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Add Needed Words

Do not omit words necessary for grammatical or logical completeness! Note: Even when the omitted word is common to both parts of the compound structure, occasionally it must be inserted to avoid ambiguity! Add the word that if there is any danger of misreading without it. Add words needed to make comparisons logical and complete. Add needed words to complete compound structures!
My favorite professor and mentor influenced my choice of a career. (Professor and mentor are the same person) If there is no danger of misreading, the word that may be omitted when it introduces a subordinate clause Comparisons should be made between items that are alike. To compare unlike items is illogical and distracting. Add the articles a, an and the where necessary for grammatical completeness Needed words !!! In compound structures, words are often left out for economy:

Tom is a man who means what he says and (who) says what he means. Such omissions are acceptable as long as the omitted words are common to both parts of the compound structure My favorite professor and my mentor influenced my choice of a career.
(Professor and mentor are two different people; my must be repeated! The value of a principal is the number of things (that) it will explain. Occasionally, however, a sentence might be misread without that. The forests of North America are much more extensive than Europe. (those of) Forests must be compared with forests, not with all of Europe. It is not always necessary to repeat articles with paired items: We bought a computer and printer. However,if one of the items requires a and other requires an, both articles must be included. We bought a computer and an antivirus program.
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