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Paradise Lost

A book written by John Milton

mckenzie fairbanks

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Paradise Lost

by John Milton Paradise Lost In Paradise Lost, the first words in the poem talk about,
"Man's first disobedience".
There are two moral paths you can choose:
1. Satan represents the downward spiral
2. Adam and Eve repent, taking the road to redemption Obedience to God Satan and his children In the beginning... Disobedience in the beginning allowed
God to show mercy and temperance The Fall of the Partly Fortunate Mercy Salvation Grace Pain and Death Heaven above
Hell Bellow
Earth in the middle Hierarchical Nature
Of the Universe To obey god
you would also obey his Hierarchy His sons sacrifice will restore the order due to
the disobedience of gods creation, Mankind. Satan and Rebels seek to ruin Gods Plan Sin and Death Build a Bridge Adam decides to join her by partaking as well Satan tricks Eve into eating
the forbidden fruit Satan enters earth in disguise Crossing the bridge He morphs into a toad and whispers into Eve's ear Gabriel is sent to help Adam and Eve Choose the Right Adam is Curious about how he came to be
and begins to feel attracted to Eve Raphael explains to Adam and Eve
about Satan envy for Jesus Satan gathers his angles to plan a war God punishes them by taking away there
immortal state Satan thinks he has beaten God Adam and Eve feel terrible and want to
obey God and repent of their sins The earth was changed
Cold and Hot climates
Eve feels so remorsed
she even admits to Adam that
she is thinking about taking her life
God shows mercy towards them and sends Micheal
to earth to show Adam how to survive Forced to leave paradise The End
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