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kobe foster

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of ARCH BRIDGES

BY: Jeffrey,Luke,Kobe,Symphone'e

Arch bridges started being used 3000 years ago. They are a strong bridge that is used all around the world. The arch bridge is strong because the weight that is put on the bridge either from car or trains is carried outward to the curve of the arch. The supports are called abutments.

The arch bridge started of by the roman empire they were build over 1000 arch bridges in Europe,Asia and North Africa. At first arch bridges were made out of brick and stone but now there made from steel and concrete
Lupu Bridge (2003)
Bayonne Bridge (1931)
Chaotianmen Bridge (2009)
Sydney Harbour Bridge (1923)
New River Gorge Bridge (1974)
Stone Arch Bridge (1881)
Stari Most (2001)

Tension and Compression
The arch bridge is always under compression because the compression is pushed outward to the abutments.
When the force is pushed outward on the bridge it reduces the tension underneath the bridge,
Support of Arch bridges
The types of transportation that go over arch bridges are cars and trains the bridge is able to support them because the way the weight goes to each of the ends of the bridge.
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