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Teddy Lopez

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Ukraine

Ukraine GENERAL CULTURE CUISINE - Hungary (to the West)
-Slovakia (to the West)
-Poland (to the West)
_Belarus (to the North)
-Russia (to the North and East)
-and Romania and Moldova (to the South) Location Borders: Total Area: 603,700 square kilometers Coastline: 1,279 miles on the Black Sea
and the Sea of Azov President: Government Victor Yanukovych Mykola Azarov Prime MInister: Capital: Important Cities Kiev City Famous for Golden Domes,fabulous architecture, underground shopping centers, nightlife and Independence Square. Also: -Chernivtsi
-Rivne Spoken Languages FLAG AND
COAT OF ARMS Traditional Outfits Traditional Ukrainian clothing may be worn for festivals, special occasions or holidays. The regional dresss is becoming scarcer and some clothing items have made their way into museums. The embroidery tradtion has its roots in pagan
beliefs of protection and ritual. Ukrainian em-
broidery can decorate ceremonial towels, tabel
linens, and traditional garments. Embroidery This is a ceremonial towel that has been decorated
in a rhombus design. It represents feminine strength,
vigor and fertility. This design is inspired by nature. it features
a folk motif with typical bright, contrasting
colors. Ukrainian cooking techniques are not complicated.
Dishes can contain many ingrediants, but the food is never too spiced or too bland, but skillfully prepared. Cuisine Ukraine is called the "breadbasket of Europe"
because they have created more than 77 ways
of making bread. Borsch is the national dish of Ukraine. Borsch Borsch is a beet-based soup that can contain
as many as 20 different ingrediants. It can be
meatless or prepared with a rich meat stock.
The ingrediants can depend on the season, region
or the cook. Common salads are usually lettuce based whereas Ukrainian salads are exraordinarily varied and are prepared with mayonaisse. Salads The most famous Salad is the Olivier: salad made out of cooked and chopped potatoes, dill pickles, boiled chopped eggs, cooked and chopped ham, chopped onions, canned peas, mixed with mayonnaise. Adopted: January 28, 1918
Meaning: Blue=SKy - Yellow=Lush color
of wheat fields
Alternate Meaning: Blue=Dniper River -
Yellow=Golden Domes Adopted: February 19, 1992
Age: 1000 years old
Meaning: Trident of Posiedon Ukraine is a very beautiful country with a very intricate and varied culture. It's scenery is majestic and it's food is very unique.

I can say I fell in love with this country and I aspire to try "borsch" one day! Conclusion I UKRAINE! 1. Fun Facts You have to pay for plastic bags at the grocery store. Ukrainian school uniforms are similar to Halloween Maid costumes. They wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their right
hand instead of their left hand. 2. 3. Ukraine is best know for their beautiful women. 4. There are 30 thousand species of plants that occupy
a 3rd of the country. Flora 280 species of shrubs 80 species of trees 985 species of plants Fauna The Stork is Ukraine's natioanl bird. Ukraine has a very comfortable
climate and has lush fields. Climate * Ukraine has virtually a 100% literacy rate
* 78% of the population completed secundary
*7% only completed elementary
*15% completed higher educations Education Ukraine has 3 science academies, all of which are dedicated to engineering and biological sciences. Science and Technology Ukrainan Academy of Sciences Ukrainian Acedemy of Agrarian Sciences Ukrainain Academy of Medical Sciences
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