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Habitat Restoration!

No description

Simren Garcha

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Habitat Restoration!

Habitat Restoration Wetlands 1. Restore Water Restore water to drained wetland
by plugging open ditches, or
plugging small dikes. 2. Control Water Level Connect a riser downstream
and bring it to the surface.
Water will fill the wetland until it
reaches the mouth of the riser. 3. Restore Hydric Soil Hydric soil is soil that's been wet for
such a long time that there is no air in it,
and it's ideal for healthy wetlands.
Get hydric soil by importing it from another wetland. The soil can then be removed and the new can be spread
overthe wetland being restored. 4. Planting Seeds can be collected from
wetlands and seeded directly.
For plants that would die if seeded directly,
collect perennials from nearby wetlands which
can be collected with soil micro-organisms,
insects, and seeds. You can also use an existing
seedbank by flooding formerly hydric soils. Include seeding in the disturbed
upland areas to minimise erosion
and provide cover.
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