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Cute animals

Here r some cute animals to look at... so here ya go... hope u enjoy!

Jaycee Florence

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Cute animals

Cute Animals ~I love dis
cute kitty~ Here r some cool
pics of cute animals
u will lov! :D Dat waz sooo cute...
now letta me show u
some ugly animals dat are so ugly
there cute! A little weird but watev! Okaay.. heres a
dog and cat..mouse and bunny all togetha!! Now datz adorable! Ok here is a random pic of
my frend Kayla... :D She is just lookin
greater den usual today...u can always
tell when its her! Anyway gotta go
so see u next time! Peace Out :D PS: so srry Kayla:)
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