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Grubert Texas Leadership Society Luncheon

20 April 2010

Emily Grubert

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Grubert Texas Leadership Society Luncheon

What Starts Here Changes the World the question is as important as the answer ...and the important questions are interdisciplinary sustainability climate change energy land how do we start? contextualize characterize communicate PEOPLE benefit from attention to ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT here's some context: energy is opportunity a healthy environment is enabling but using energy can degrade the environment... ...making it hard to take opportunities climate change is a big deal carbon is about energy energy is about land, water, and communities we can do low carbon energy... ...but what does that do to other systems? I'll talk about water and energy we use energy for water... ...and water for energy so how do we make the right choices? characterize the system predict our impacts we need to choose systems we can handle... ...then model and perturb Maui model the water system... ...then test land use scenarios a land use choice affects other systems to change the world, we have to tell someone! we seek science-based answers to socially motivated questions this research directly informs a land use decision ...and we can extend the model interconnectedness is important and exciting we can organize existing knowledge to address huge questions... ...and improve society by anticipating synergies UT is a great place to do this kind of work, especially in energy water NASA NASA EPA HC&S E. Grubert E. Grubert E. Grubert E. Grubert D. Grubert NASA
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