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Deloitte Digital: Go To Market Strategy

No description

danny cools

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Deloitte Digital: Go To Market Strategy

Go To Market Strategy -

do we need to be

Networks of Influencers


can we do it?
(should be part of an operational plan)
Pitch cases of other markets Deloitte Digital markets like2like
New Relationship Building
Do local market check on short fuse / big bang
Visit all "online" departments in my network
Who are my target customers ?
Primary target = existing SME Deloitte customer with these characteristics: no formal CIO office yet, need for "a digital" deliverable, first ERP in place.

Secondary target =new to Deloitte, organization that fits profile

Third target = educated leads

What is my target customer profile
He is a change agent who is digital aware but lacks the internal authority to alone push the transformation agenda further.

He works inside the already existing Digital or New Media department.

The organisation feels the pain and is used to work with external consultants already.
Brands I will Validate Value Proposition and Customer Hypotheses on:
Wijs =
Across Health =
Digital Barometer
Nascom =
Service Design Deliverables
The AIM =
Internet Marketing Plan
Why can I make it happen?

My personality fits with the claim "Part Business, Part Creative, Part Technology"
I know my entrepreneurial mindset will match with the Deloitte culture
The good contact I have with other players might turn out beneficial also
Facilitating processes and making a deep contact with clients are strenghts for me
Emakina Group =
typical Brand Builders
Across =
Pharma & Life Sciences sector
Nascom =
Local Make Industry
These Days =
Big Consumer Brands
Wijs =
B2B & B2C local brands

Cegeka =
Retail & Healtcare focus
Delaware Digital =
Retail & B2C organisations

Dear Media =
Media & Retail focus also Q4 2013
The AIM =
Flemish SME without marketing vision
Market players and their focus customers
Tactical competitor tools developed for thought leadership
Pitch proposition and gain more insights.
Chamber of Commerce (UK) =VOKA - Unizo - member associations
Engage House of Trust

Just some opportunities of the last 3 weeks
Immotheker struggles with strategy
HUBO has RFP out for multi-channel roadmap 2016
Omega Pharma struggles with content localisation
Provincie Antwerpen is preparing new branding

do we sell ?

Realization of the postdigital enterprise
Value Proposition

Delivering digital business innovation
that is customer focused by
by combining our multi-disciplinary expertise.
Covering these topics:

Value Proposition
do we offer
to whom
in this local market ?

And how
can we start building out?

Yes I will be out of the building on day 1.

What are our differentiators?
Enable a Digital Mindset
Support real Digital Transformation
Keep existing business processes running while doing so
Some notes for reflection -
It is about guiding the process, not about delivering another digital marketing campaign.

This can happen on many areas like customer buying process, employee engagement, sales interactions...

Need to validate our differentiators before launching any external communications.

Elements of the plan - my ideas on:
Competitive landscape
Who do we sell to?
How do we get there?
Where do we need to be?

This is a draft for iteration obviously!

Goal = work on the Digital Mindset (keynotes, workshops, impact analysis...)
Goal: learn about competition weaknesses, see roadmaps,...
To gain credibility here we need meaningfull ways of collaborating with them
Just some ideas:
Partner with Vlerick Digital Strategy programme
Create a STIMA deliverable showcasing our capabilities
Role in local eco-system?
Think about who to fight and who to partner with?
Which channels are available for us here?
Let's talk more!
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