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No description

Satya Noble Bartlett

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD

Three Literary Devices Fire Imagery Meaning: Women do not require
recognition, as men do, to
understand that they have a strong
impact on life behind the scenes. Manipulation of Sound Rhyme Scheme It's A Woman's World By Eavan Boland Summary: Women are overlooked and
left behind in history while men are at the
center of "His"tory. Structure/Enjambment Understatement/Irony "Well, maybe flame/burns more greedily" lines 5-6
"By night our windows/moth our children to the
flame/of hearth not history." lines 38-41
"while this one here-/her mouth/a burning plume-/
she's no fire-eater,/just my frosty neighbor/coming home." lines 51-56 The title! "So when the king's head/ gored it's basket-/grim harvest-/we were gristing bread/or getting the recipe/for a good soup/to appetize/our gossip" Lines 29-36 Alliteration Like most historic peoples
we are defined
by what we forget,

by what we will never be:
fire-eaters. Lines 18-23 ABCA rhyme scheme at first,
shifts to alternate random rhymes
as the poem progresses with
the addition of internal rhyme in some places "living by the lights/of the loaf left" lines 12-13
"the washing powder/paid for and wrapped,/the wash left wet." lines 15-17
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