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Brianne Forsyth

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Brianne Forsyth
Ganske Social Studies

The Way out
Roman Advances

Rome Golden Age
Romes Golden Age was from the conversion to an empire from a republic to Christ's birth. The emperors were smart and careful, and didn't experience a major war. They built Roman cities all throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. The majority of Europe was under Roman control. And the roads were safe enough that a naked woman can walk down the streets without getting disturbed.
Augustus was adopted by Julius Caeser. His reign was from 31 BC to AD 14. Unlike other emperors he had to fight for his reign. When he was 19, he got into the universe of Roman politics. Augustus invaded Egypt, before Marc Antony and Cleopatra could attack Rome. In 31 BC, the Battle of Actium destroyed most of Egyptian land. Marc and Cleopatra committed suicide. Eventually, the territory of the pharaohs.

Roman Aqueducts
An aqueduct is an waterway the Romans created to bring freshwater into the lands. It is provided for bathes, fountains, freshwater for drinking, farming, agriculture, and much more.
The Roman Aqueduct Importance
The Roman aqueduct was important at the time because it brought fresh water into the city. It prevented serious sickness, and even in important cases, death. So, by bringing the fresh water instead of infested water, it caused less sickness and deaths.
Aqueduct Impact on Today's Society
The Romans invention of the aqueduct has the impact on today's society by helping us by coming up with a way to bring fresh water into a city. By doing so, they are getting rid of the diseases, feces, and sicknesses that would be in the water that would cause use to become sick, and in some cases, death.
How aqueducts are used today
Aqueducts are used the same way today as they were in ancient Rome. They have the same purpose and do the same job they were invented for.

Thank you for watching my prezi!!!
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