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Reviving Doordarshan

No description

Aditi V

on 2 January 2011

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Transcript of Reviving Doordarshan

First this: Current Concept of Doordarshan 2 All India channels-DD National and DD News, 11 Regional languages Satellite Channels (RLSC), four State Networks (SN), an International channel, a Sports Channel DD Sports and two channels (DD-RS & DD-LS) for live broadcast of parliamentary proceedings.
DD has its own DTH service called DD Direct Plus
DD-India is broadcast internationally via satellite. It is available in 146 countries worldwide
Doordarshan does not have an independent editorial control , influenced by the I&B ministry. Strategic Level Re Branding
Signifies the fact that it is still the public service channel, represents India, but with newer thoughts and perspectives.
Positioned as the country’s leading national channel, communicator of the values of India. History Launched in 1959 as the National Television Network with a modest 21 community sets, in Delhi.

Programme Focus:-
At the national level:-programmes were focused on the national culture and included news, current affairs, science, cultural magazines, serials, music, dance, drama and feature films.
At the regional level :-the programmes were similar to the ones broadcast at National level, the only difference being they were broadcast in the regional language of the different states of India. New Colors : Mixture of Orange and Yellow used.
Significance of colors:
Orange: Signifies energy, warmth and transition.
Transition of the old leaf to a new one
Yellow: Signifies optimism, enlightenment, and happiness; a colour denoting welcoming
Welcome the new users to a whole new experience Indian TV Viewership Market Market size in 2008 (as per KPMG Analysis) was 240.6 billion INR.
Expected to grow at a rate of 14.5% over 2009-2013 and reach a size of INR 473 billion by 2013.
The number of channels beamed on the TV screen of cable and satellite(C&S) viewership in India has exploded to over 450 now from about 120 in 2003 Market Segmentation OUR CLIENT Projected Growth of TV, Pay TV, Cable TV and DTH households-2009-2013 The overall revenue of Doordarshan is 983 crore(Source:TAM) as of 2009-10
Viewership is about 450 million people in 2009-10(Highest among the TV channels)
Impact in revenue due to higher operational cost(Dearness allowance-Sixth Pay Commission)
The biggest standalone programming property for Doordarshan continues to be its show for farmers, Krishi Darshan (A 100 crore brand) Facts & Figures Kids Channels in India TV viewership market consists of a Hindi Speaking and a Non Hindi speaking Market.
Kids channel occupies 5.8% of share of the overall TV viewership pie
But occupies a 6.5% market share in HSM markets
At an All India level, revenues are close to 1.8 billion (as of 2009)
Nature of the Market High growth rate in the HSM sector has led to
Increased competition in this sector
Continuous innovation in the product offering
Players have a 360 degrees marketing philosophy.
interacting with kids through websites, phones, polls and events, campaigns in schools, retail outlets, malls and cinemas, merchandising their properties via apparel, stationery items and games.
Market segmented into North and South India Markets South Market Unique viewing dynamics in terms of consumption of TV genres compared with the rest of India, with each of the four states having distinct consumer preferences and habits
Southern viewers prefer general entertainment channels more than any other category as they cater to kids and family through regional characters and localised products. Program Content Majorly ruled by cartoon characters (Nicktoons, Chota Bheem, Ramayana etc).
On an average, about 20% of content is original Indian programmes and cartoons
Viewers are demanding increase in local and regional content.
Incidentally, Pogo has increased its original Indian content from 50 hours in 2004 to more than 200 hours in 2009 (Deloitte India, 2009)
Success stories : Little Krishna, Chota Bheem
Among the Indian programs, Indian mythology are the most popular ones
Reality shows, contests for original content shows, treasure hunts etc are the other kinds of programs
Channels are buying IP rights of children’s comics to create interesting TV shows to increase viewership
Advertising A lot of non-traditional advertisers across sectors like FMCG, investment banks and durable products are also eyeing the kids space
Rationale - they feel, is an increase in the co-viewing pattern and also the mere pester power of kids who have the ability today to influence parent's decisions.
Channels are diversifying their clientele to include more non-traditional clients (almost 30% of the total clientele).
Marketing Objective To rebrand DD national, to infuse life into the brand. To change the perception of DD National from being old-fashioned to a contemporary channel Target Age Groups: 15-24, 25-34, 35+
Both Genders
Both nuclear as well as joint family Action Positioned as the country’s leading national channel, communicator of the values of India with a youthful, contemporary appeal.
Reality Shows : TAM data shows that Idea Jalsa, a reality shows topped the TV charts with highest ratings
Soap Operas
Re Runs of hit shows of the past
Opinion Poll based cinema choice for viewers
Government programs, Govt. events of national interest
Music shows
Program Composition: Brand Rewards and Support One stop shop for all kinds of entertainment
Opportunity to be an exclusive audience of national events
Brand Personality Youthful
Value Driven
Revamping of DD national would be coupled with the revamping of DD Sports as well as DD news.

Also the website would be redesigned so that it's theme is in sync with the marketing strategy Marketing Objective Target Action Program Composition: Brand Personality Brand Rewards and Support To launch a new channel for Kids under the name “DD KIDZ”, to increase awareness and to gain viewership Kids in the age-group of 4-14 years
Both Genders.
Both urban and rural markets
Sec A,B,C
Working Parents
Nuclear Families
Positioned as an infotainment channel aimed towards instilling moral values, providing fun, entertainment along with practical learning through its programme offerings Animated Shows – Indian Mythology
Reality Adventure Shows
Amar Chitra Katha (by buying the rights)
Quiz Shows – On the lines of Bournvita Quiz Contest
Movies on Indian Independence
Science shows focusing on practical learning Earn knowledge via fun and entertainment
Fun filled evenings after school
Company during Summer/Winter vacations
Guide for personality development
Fun loving
Sharp Scholarly Talents

TV ads in DD national, DD news, regional DD channels
Print ads in leading dailies like TOI, Hindstan Times, Navbharat Times as well as leading regional dailies
Hoardings in Big cities
AIR/FM radio advertising
Dedicated interactive website for kids
School Campaigns (like conducting quizzes regional level, zonal level quizzes which would be aired on DD Kidz) Media: Thank You Strategic Level Re Branding Typical Consumer GEC Market in India Has a 26.2 % market share in viewership, 24 billion INR in revenue
Top players revamped their program content and scheduling strategy
Break Free content
Focus on 7-9 pm slot, 9-10pm slot tailor made for metros
Special One hour episodes to increase viewership
FMCG major advertiser – 50-55% contribution to revenues
Star Plus, Colors and Zee TV leading the pack in terms of revenues
http://www.indiantelevision.com/special/y2k9/spl_report _kids.php
http://www.indiantelevision.com/special/y2k7/kidology_r atings_sp.php
http://www.indiantelevision.com/special/y2k10/kids_year ender.php
http://ramanan50.wordpress.com/2010/10/24/target- rating-point-trp/
http://www.friendsofprasarbharati.org/Recent% 20newsY44.htm
http://www.indiastat.com/media/21/advertisements/213 58/stats.aspx
http://www.indiantelevision.com/special/y2k10/gec_yeare nder.php
http://www.eventfaqs.com/eventfaqs/wcms/en/home/ne ws/HoOpla-Events-and-Promotions-m- 1277637999900.html References Before After Competitor promotions Channels promoted through content
Massive advertising for upcoming programs
STAR, Zee, Sony has their own award shows
Star had polling booths too vote for favorite stars
SAB organizes Sab Ka Mela – A family fair
Radio show “Sab ka Daamadji”
Hoardings, Print media advertising for popular shows
Official fan pages on Facebook, twitter etc.
Competitor’s Media strategy Emphasis on Merchandising. T-shirts, Pencil box etc.
Various campaigns and games in schools
Competitions through social media.
Launching games of the famous cartoon characters.
Make movies of famous cartoon characters.
Eg:-Mr. Bean

Advertisements in all leading national dailies
TV ads on all DD channels
Through its own websites
Social media marketing (create an official fan page)
Sponsor events related to youth (college fests)
Ads through AIR and FM channels
Sponsor social events
Tie up with BSNL to bring in DD national on mobile TV
Media Often failed to live up to the aspirations of its viewers.
In late 1990's DD faced number of allegations of large-scale scams
Under utilized infrastructure, improper investments and poor financial management plagued its performance.
Failed to adapt itself to the changing requirements due to its lack of infrastructure and professional expertise.
According to Mr. V.N.Gadgil, the three most criticized areas were—newscasting, sponsored programmes and advertising.
Autonomy was not present in the news section specially.
DD charged the producers around Rs 1 lakh for 10 seconds whereas some highest rated soaps on C&S channels charged half of that.
There were 56 different producers with 56 different half-an-hour program slots for four hours of prime time each week, who would sell their commercial time separately, to the same advertiser. But advertisers preferred package deals, which would give them airtime across the programmes for whole week.
Problems faced by DD Typical Viewer DD News Target Age Group: 25-34
Gender: Predominantly Males
Working Executive DD Sports Target Age Group: 25-34
Gender: Predominantly Males
Urban Area
Working Executive Typical Viewer DD Website
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