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Human Body Amusement Park

No description

Awesome Face

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Human Body Amusement Park

Integumentary System

At HBAP we have the biggest security system out there in the amusement park industry. Our security system consists of tall blooming flowers (hair)that help protect our park from getting too hot or too cold(homeostasis). Muscular System

On this ride you are connected to a bungee cord at the top of a 50-story building and then must jump off in order to catch 3 flags at the top of the building. If you catch all three you get a season pass to the park. Like muscles, the bungee cord needs to be able to stretch and bend easily!
Skeletal System
The Skeletal System is modeled here with the Spine Tingler. The Spine Tingler is a simulation of what happens when you feel a chill go up your spine. On this ride you are shot upward and then dropped down in 15 seconds flat! This happens over and over again 3 times. Respiratory System

The Indoor Skydive Ride allows people to enjoy air flowing into a container and then drawn out in the same way that the body enjoys taking in oxygen and then releasing carbon dioxide when breathing.
Circulatory System
The pathways through the park map out the ways you can get around in the same way that blood and oxygen get around the body and to the heart.
Digestive System

The Concession Stand represents food being consumed by the body. The water slides represent the flushing away of foods that the body no longer needs. Excretory System

The Custodians in the park clean up the trash and get rid of it outside of the park the same way that the Excretory System gets rid of waste from the body. Lymphatic System

The Maintenance Workers in the park represent the Lymphatic System because they are constantly fixing what is broken and maintaining the park rides to keep them working correctly. Endocrine System

These are the Ride Operators; they control how many people can go on the rides just
like the Endocrine System controls the body by releasing hormones. THANKS FOR VISITING,
Constructed by:
Elon Bohanan Nervous System

Just like the body uses the Nervous System to travel around and send messages back to the brain, the park train carries people to various places around the park.
Reproductive System

The landscaping in the park represents the reproductive system because the flowers and bushes die and then drop seeds so that new life can begin as each season passes.
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