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Glowing Fabric

i lak tuhtals

Wyatt Vogel

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Glowing Fabric

by Jacob and Wyatt The Evolutionary History
of Glowing Fabric How Does Glowing Fabric Work? How Long Does it Normally Take
to Charge the Fabric? What is the Useful Life of this Fabric? History of Invention Letting it charge for about 10 or 20 minutes in sunlight would be enough to produce a brighter lasting glow. Around a half hour in bright colored lights would be good as well. Just 20 minutes near a 40 Watts incandescent bulb will make a good glow. Although, the higher the Ultra Violet radiation of the bulb the more the fabric will glow. The fabric itself has the normal life span of nylon and polypropylene. The actual luminescent properties, however, should last a really long time. As long as it is Fabric with the glowing property, it will glow. Invented: 2003
Inventor: Luminex Photoluminescence is what makes fabric glow. It is commonly referred to as Glow-in-the-Dark stuff. The fabric charges quickly and glows much brighter and much longer than the glow-in-the-dark items in the past. Chart of Luminance http://fabulouspooches.com/fab%20glow%20fabric.html
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