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Business Prezi

No description

Andrew Somers

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Business Prezi

"Beyond Testing" Budget The Road Forward Playtesting done by professional game designers to aid game developers.

We Provide testing feedback and solutions.

Affordable price rates, that can scale based on client budget. Starting Expenses (CEO) Austin Schiff
(Finances) Austin Pontius
(Production) Ken Takacs
(Production) Andrew Somers (Sales) David Francis
(Schedule) Derek Martin
(Marketing) Miguel Morales Schedule Pre-Launch Development One Year of Operations Organization
Financial and Legal resolutions
Establish a physical Office
Key Partnerships - Website developer
- Branding agency Advertizing and Marketing campaign Project feedback analysis and review
Actively seeking new clients
Distribution of current projects to team
Monthly expenses and meetings
Required maintenance Solo and Independent developers.
Small Studios.
AAA Studios and Publishers. Seeking Customer Segments Business Model We are a service.

Customer relationship management .

Unbundling business model. Future Environments Start by organizing founding members and hiring Vice-President.

Initial business operations handled by founding members.

Later expansion requires:
1. Contract out Quality Assurance testing
2.Hire Part or Full time testers Seek contracts with more AAA developers after expansion.

Secure exclusive deals with closed platform services.
XBLA, PSN, App stores

Businesses seeking Ad space. Expanding our Customer Segments, Founding Members and VP salaries
Office Space
Equipment Costs
Software Costs
Legal/Licenses Fees Operational Costs Bills
Advertising Maintenance
Office supplies
Equipment upgrades/replacements
Tech support 5.Labor
Full time employee salary
Part time employee salary
Website moderators
Employee benefits 6.Maintenance
Office Supplies
Equipment upgrades/replacements
Tech Support 4.Bills
Office Rent
Expanded advertising Labor
Full time employee salary
Employee benefits 3.Contracting QA work 2.Hiring additional part time employees 1.Larger Office Expansion Costs Establishing Key Partners Game Developers Website Developers Branding Agencies Cost Structure Operations Routines and Schedules for Key Activities. Testing out Revenue streams. Cultivating Customer Relationships Legitimizing Value Proposition Startup Startup Startup Operations Expansion Expanding our Revenue streams to include new kinds of testing packages.

Seeking new Customer Segments

Maintaining Current Customer Relationships Schedule Expansion Acquire a larger office space
Additional Employees and Equipment In addition to Operations: Advertising
Employee Review End. z Organizational Chart SWOT Marketing Our brand is to be seen as professional, affordable and personal.
We provide feedback on our client’s game through playtesting and deep analysis.
Logo and P2W seal of approval Our Marketing Our marketing campaign is going to present our company as one that is "Professional", "Affordable", and "Personal". Ad Design Our Contest Developers submit one video game entry and we will pick one lucky developer every month to receive a 10 hour testing service and analysis of their game absolutely free. Website Mockup Ad Design Finances How these are connected to create value Cost Structure and Revenue Streams Contracts for clients based on hourly testing. Sliding scale from $30-50/hour depending the size of the contract. Customer Empathy Map How do we create value?
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