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Copy of Messina Earthquake 1908

This Prezi is about the devastating earthquake in 1908 on the Messina strait in Italy

Tim Bennett

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Messina Earthquake 1908

A little more information :) ciao bye :) grazie per ascolto The Survivors The Cause The earthquake resulted in a tsunami with waves up to 40 feet high. At first, it was thought the tsunami occured by the rearrangement of the seafloor from the earthquake. However, more recently geologists have proposed the tsunami was not directly caused by the earthquake, but was triggered by an undersea landslide. The Earthquake On December 28, 1908 at 5:20 a.m local time residents near the Messina Strait, Italy woke up to a strong shaking , the Messina earthquake. The earthquake lasted 20 seconds , and had a magnitude of 7.5 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of the earthquake was on the strait of Messina ,which separates Sicily from Calabria as shown in the picture.The earthquake affected Messina, Calabria, and other coastal towns nearby. The reigon of Calabria was no stranger to earthquakes, in 1783 there was a series of earthquakes in the Calabria reigon with a magnitude of about 6 or higher .There were 293 aftershocks over a period of over 3 months. The Messina earthquake and tsunami killed about 80,000 people and caused $116 million dollars in damage. Seismographs as far as Washington D.C recorded signs of the earthquake. The geographical effects of the earthquake were:
Lower changes in elevation along both sides of the strait
Ground cracks
Slope Movements
Parts of the coasts were lost to the ocean. Conclusion The Messina earthquake and tsunami was a devastating event for the local population. It caused great suffering and damage, and its effects were felt for many years. It was said to be one of Europe's deadliest earthquakes. Messina Earthquake 1908 Earthquake Damage Messina Tsunami 1908 Tsunami Damage Italy sits along the boundary of the African continental plate. This plate pushes the seafloor beneath Europe 1 inch per year. This causes vertical rearrangement which can cause earthquakes The survivors of the earthquake had a hard time. Many lost members of their family, their homes, and everything they owned. Some survivors were moved to other parts of Italy while others immigrated to America. In 1909 a ship carrrying 850 survivors from Naples to NewYork collided with a passenger liner in dense fog, resulting in the death of 3 people. The passengers were rescued and eventually arrived in New York. Thank you for listening Italian translation
of thank you for
listening, bye Weeks after the earthquake people were still being rescued from the rubble, however many more remained trapped and perished under flattened homes and buildings. Countries world-wide sent ships to help Italy. The Location Continent- Europe
Country- Italy
Latitude- 38, 15 degrees N
Longitude- 15, 683 degrees E
Nearby cities: Messina, Reggio De Calabria
The choice: I picked the Messina earthquake because I wanted to do an earthquake in Europe, but there weren't many powerful ones besides this one. Also, I found Italy quite interesting.
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