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Compounds amd elements

A prezi on compounds and elements

Joshua James

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Compounds amd elements

Compounds and Elements A prezi on compounds and elements An atom is what makes up matter, it is to small to cut and it is as small as something can possibly be. What is a
Compound? A compound is any substance that is made from a combination of two or more elements that are mixed together So what is an element? There are many elements, elements are pure substances that stay the same or are mixed with other elements to make a compound Atoms This is what an atom looks like The periodic table of the elements Some Common Compounds The End Molecules A molecule is a very small particle that is made of two or more atoms that stick together Relationships! There are some relationships between the different terms that were just mentioned Atoms and Molecules An atom is the smallest possible thing, when you put atoms together a molecule is formed! Elements and Compounds Elements create compounds, when two or more elements mix together a compound is Created! Atoms and Elements Atoms are the building blocks of the many elements that are on this planet
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