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Athens Gamification Meetup, Case Study 1

No description

Evangelos Leivaditis

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Athens Gamification Meetup, Case Study 1

Thanks for reading!
And ended up with these ideas:
When used, this will turn the phone into a "driving" state
Which blocks messages and phone calls
Disables the ability to text / call
Returns to callers an automatic message ("I am driving, will call you back soon")
Or maybe it warns the callers that you are driving, and they have to make the choice to call you or not.
A world wide problem
Stop texting and Driving
Some great ideas also online:
Gamification Case Studies
Athens Gamification Meetup 1, 17 June 2014
Can Gamification help solve it?
deaths in 2012 due to texting and driving!
As part of our first Meetup, we had a little brainstorm
We were thinking of a docking station for mobile phones, or a special app again for phones.
What are the rewards drivers can get for using this?
Extra gas or food vouchers, from participating stores, along the route.
Better status on their insurance, aiming for lower car insurance rates
Positive reinforcement in the form of clapping every little while, while this mode is on
Better status on their social network, as a safe driver
Drivers will use it because:
they have to, to turn the car on
its just part of the operating system of the phone, and turns on automatically
Or, they do it because when on, it gives them positive rewards.
And to finish with a funny note,
imagine if when driving, the traffic authorities send you a message that reads like this:
"Dear John,
you opened this message while driving,
so you lost the chance to enter the million dollar Message lottery."
Athens Gamification Meetup,
Case Study 1 participants:
George Paloukis
Vaggelis Livaditis
Dianna Chiotaki
Ioannis Sermetziadis
your names
Send to Vaggelis your name
which we found afterwards ;-)
Antonis Lilis
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