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Methods of Gathering Information - Mental Factor

No description

Morag Carmichael

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Methods of Gathering Information - Mental Factor

Initial Task
Write down 4 methods of gathering information for the mental factor.

State which feature(s) each helps you to analyse.
Pre-programme questionnaire - this questionnaire asks a variety of questions which enable you to analyse the mental factors which influence your performance. From this you can determine whether levels of arousal, motivation or emotional control is the area you need to focus on the most.

Task 4 - Write down 2 benefits and 2 limitations of this method.
Approaches to Developing Performance
Once you have identified an area for improvement it is important to select an appropriate approach to developing performance.

Read pages 21-29 in your mental factor course booklet.
Methods of Gathering Information
Image by Tom Mooring
Methods of Gathering Information - Mental Factor
The questionnaire is not sports specific.
The questionnaire is open to individuals not being entirely honest.
It could be completed differently depending on the mood of the person completing it i.e. after a win or a loss.

Select 1 more method and evaluate 2 benefits and 2 limitations.

Time - 7 minutes
Learning Intention
To explore the varying methods of analysing the mental factors.

To consider approaches to developing the mental factor.

Success criteria:

1. Be able to describe, explain, analyse and evaluate methods of gathering information.
2. Be able to name and describe 2 approaches to developing the mental factor
Simple to complete with straightforward questions.
Little equipment required.
Not time consuming, can be completed quickly in any location.
Written down so can be kept as a permanent record for future comparisons.
Asks questions relevant to the factor e.g......
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