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Team Andrews

Capsim Annual Shareholders Meeting

Michelle Snell

on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of Team Andrews

Annual Meeting of

The Agenda
Strategic Highlights
Financial Performance
Marketing Tactics
Process Management
Looking Ahead
Intended Strategy
Best Value Provider in all segments

Process Management & TQM Initiatives
Reduce costs of material, labor, inventory, & administrative
The Turnaround Strategy
Elected a CEO - Tyrone Smith
Harvested low margin industries
Refocused on Differentiation
Andrews 1st Annual Meeting
Monday, July 22, 2013
6:00 p.m., CST
UT Arlington Fort Worth Center
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Meet the Management Team
Tyron Smith - CEO
Colton Squyres - EVP of Finance/CFO
Kiedra Gerl - EVP of HR & TQM
Leah Collins - EVP of R&D
Michelle Snell - EVP Marketing & Production
Realized Strategy
"Stuck in the Middle"
Promotions & Sales
Customer Awareness
Effectively allocated budget per product segment
Cut marketing budget in 2015
Lost customer awareness rapidly
Lost market share to our competitors
Leveraged sales team in most effective channels
Achieved 95% customer accessibility across remaining market segments
Borrowed a $24 million dollar emergency loan &
Unsustainable debt ratios
Unintended Consequences:
Next Steps:
Increased Marketing Budget
Focused on high margin products
Leveraged Andrews' core competency -- R&D
Implemented "worst case, best case" between Sales Forecast & Production Schedule
Increased & sustained marketing investment from 2017 onward
2017, sold 1st low margin product - Acre
half of capacity
exited market following year
Research & Development
Tailored products for each segment
Long-term approach
Big-Win for Andrews
Evidence of Improvement:
Changes made .1 or .2 better than forecast
Stuck to strategy
Financial Highlights:
Focused on Differentiation

Divested in unattractive markets
Paid off debt
Invested in large marketing campaigns
Revenues: $98M to $103M
Net Income: -$6.8M to $4.8M
EPS: -$4.35 to $2.96
ROE: 39.8% to 26.1%
Market Cap: $2M to $36M
Leverage Ratios: Reduced debt from 4.3 to 2.5
Bond Ratings: DDD to CC
Improvements from 2017 to 2021
Going Forward
Pursuing more attractive industries
Invest in TQM
Continue focus on high margin markets
Industry Challenges
& Andrews Sensors, Inc.
Few barriers to entry
No substitutes for sensors
Intense competition
Bargaining power of buyers high -- product variety
Supplier bargaining power low -- cheap & abundant materials
Ten-fold improvement 2019 to 2020
More than doubled 2020 to 2021
Consistent Improvements:
Andrews TQM Initiatives
& Impact
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