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Numeracy Presentation

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Mikayla Lamb

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Numeracy Presentation

How important is numeracy in today's society?

Setting the CONTEXT
Sometimes, students can
time learning about arithmetic that they
may not need
in their future.
How important is numeracy in today's society?
What style of prompt is it?
How important
is numeracy in
today's society
Discursive Thesis
Though there are
of a high numeracy rate, like being able to understand statistics, there are also
to low numeracy, such as not being able to work with simple numbers in society as a whole.
How important is numeracy in today's society?
Concrete Evidence
Different groups?
People in authority?
(E)XPLAIN/Concrete Evidence
In many societies and cultures, numeracy rates are dropping, due to the lack of learning practical math skills.

Faith Gottal Mikayla Lamb
Carlson Joseph Anna Morgan

How important is numeracy in today's society?
How important is numeracy in today's society?
Not just in the U.S., but in other countries throughout the word, people are becoming less capable of dealing with numbers
People can learn from past statistics to prevent making the same mistakes
the practice or science of collecting and analyzing
data in large quantities
Environmental Statistics
We can compare past statistics with today's to discover changes and ways we have impacted the environment.
Economic Statistics
We can compare economic growth over the past 5 years since the Great Recession, which ended in 2009, to try to prevent another one and to learn from what caused it.
How important is numeracy in today's society?
(E)xplain/Concrete (E)vidence
(E)xplain/Concrete (E)vidence
How important is numeracy in today's society?
How important is numeracy in today's society?
(E)xplain/Concrete (E)vidence
In the past, both large companies and local businesses did not have computers and machines capable of processing the income, so all transactions had to be done using written or mental math.
(E)xplain/Concrete (E)vidence
How important is numeracy in today's society?
Recycled Prompts
What are the delights of studying mathematics?
'Mathematics is unnecessary for the majority of people.' Discuss
Assess the usefulness of statistics in people's lives.
To what extent are small businesses in your country still affected by the recent financial upheavals?
Consider the view that the computer has failed to meet our educational needs in school.
How important is numeracy in today's society?
When numeracy rates are low, that means that a small percentage of a population is capable of working with numbers, whether it be caused by too much dependance on technology or poor education.
What is numeracy?
Although statistics can help people understand society, they are becoming
too reliant on technology
to comprehend them, thus loosing the ability to perform basic tasks, such as working with numbers.
In the U.K. numeracy rates have gotten
based on surveys in 2003 and 2011.
These statistics are from the research done by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in England and show the proportion of the British population with numeracy skills at a GCSE grade "C" or higher.
1 in 3 people in Britain believe that numeracy is an innate quality,
Furthermore, the
understanding of numbers is necessary when calculating the worth of goods in means of currency for
However, one can
from past statistics to help improve

Based on the increase of carbon dioxide levels we have created, we can assume global warming is occurring and try to reduce the negative impact we have on the environment by reducing it.
Concrete Evidence
Concrete Evidence
Due to technological advancements, people have begun to rely too heavily on technology rather than learning their own skills.
iPhones are one of the most popular mobile devices in the world.
They have a scientific calculator, compass, intelligent assistant, and a stopwatch, among many other capabilities built in to the software.
You can download 1,000s of other apps to improve your lifestyle including dictionaries, translators, search engines and unit converters.
People use them for their every need, including simple math and conversions we used to be able to do in our heads not even 5 years ago.
In Florida, the typical math progression usually include Geometry, Algebra II, Calculus, Statistics, and/or Trigonometry.
These maths will only help if you decide to go into a work force involving it.
Students don't learn types of math that they would apply on a daily basis, such as paying bills, doing taxes, and balancing checkbooks.
Before the Great Recession, there were 100s of thousands of jobs lost, but since then, the government has created new jobs, thus aiding in the turning of the American economy.
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As well as affecting international economic affairs, being numerate is
Even in minimum wage jobs, the ability to work with numbers is necessary. For example, cashiers need to be able to calculate change, even though cash-registers have begun to do that as well.
Rather than settling for minimum-wage jobs, people that are capable of working with numbers can apply for higher-level and higher-wage jobs, such as those in the medical field, government positions, or other specialized jobs.
The ability to to keep log books with correct and precise numbers was a very important characteristic in the consideration of an individual for employment.
1 euro = 1.07 USD
Also, one needs to comprehend the prices of producing goods in other countries in comparison to their homeland. For example, many goods, such as
shoes, are produced in China due to the cheap labor and are transported to the U.S. and sold for more, thus increasing profits.
Without a common understanding of the numerical value of goods, trade would be nearly impossible, therefore crippling the economies of many countries.
It is necessary to learn the numerical relationships between the different monies of the world in order to maintain the global economy.
When dealing with international economic affairs, one needs to understand the relationship between currencies.
Numeracy is important to society because it affects most aspects of daily life, including the economy, job market, and international affairs. However, society has begun to heavily rely on technology, causing us to lose the ability to work with basic numbers. In order to continue developing, we must ensure that the entirety of the global population regains this skill.
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