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To Be Business InSider! :D

Hope Ya Like Meh Job C:

Dante Flores

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of To Be Business InSider! :D

The Job I Want In The Future Is...
This Is What I Want To Be Is The President Of United States Of Amercia Just Like Kid President
What I Want To Be In The Future Is The President So What Kid President Said Lets Stop Being Boring... And HALP The HomeLess So They an Rise Up And Get a Job And Work Together if Thats How you Spell It I Dont Know T_T

You Think Im Lying Im Not I Really Want To Be The President See ...

Now See Im Not Lying Like He Is :3
My MonTageParodyHax.com
II Got Halp From Neigbor Idk How To Spell O-o
The Reason Why Kid Presodent Was Selceted Because He Helped People :D
He Is a Good Helper To Make World Hunger Stop Just Like Obama
My Dream Job Is DUH DUH...
In My Dreams Its a Cool Job To join The GoverMent Or MayBe SomeThing Else To Stop World Evil And Bring bad The Goodness And Kind back To Our World here It Belongs Join Me

My Favitore Song :D
My Dream Job Is Something Or When it Will Happen In Real Life Like To Be a Singer Maybe a Person Who Fixes Macs,Pc,Tablets,Ipods,And IPhones ill Be Showing You What My Dream That It Might Be Like

EveryOne Is Not The Same Ok :D
Sometimes We Do Bad Things But U Know Well
Welp Hoped you Enjoyed My Prezi And Thanks For Reading My Dream Job If You Are Bye :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Sad Face Don't Leave :( :D
You Get To Hax FazeBook And Be Cool On It And Everything Just For Fun After Video Link In My ProFile I Guess i Dont Know its In Google Classroom In Comment There I Guess :D
You May Have To be On FaceBook For It To Work
The Montage Pardory Hax Has Not Virus I made Sure Ok
MonTage Parody Hax By Me Heres Link
I Have So Many Future Jobs That I Want To Do In 2020
One Of My Favorite Is Maybe To Be a Scinece Person Who Studys Things In Life And Figure Out Whats Wrong :D:D:D:D
Lets Speak Out Our Future To See If We Will Earn It Or Get IT. ITS A CHANCE

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