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Air Pollution

Senior presentation

Ezequiel Bernal

on 31 May 2012

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Transcript of Air Pollution

Air Pollution in Oakland
Omar Bernal
why is
What is air pollution and does Oakland have high pollution?
Air Resources board (ARB)
talks about their beliefs of air pollution
Law and public health ignore the affect

Uneasy breathing-Air Pollution in Oakland
” stated about Different types of polluting sources

Oakland Residents Test Neighborhood Air Quality In East Oakland

The Encompass Academy have a high rate of asthma.
How does air pollution affect Oakland residents’ health?
"Before I moved here to East Oakland, I did not have asthma. This month I was diagnosed with asthma," says Nehanda Imara.”
Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted goals to reduce Air Pollution from the transportation of goods.
What is Oakland doing to help reduce Air Pollution?
The article of
West Oakland Study

also states that they are willing to reduce emission sources that came from, Diesel trucks and buses, trains and ships.
Is there pollution you can not see?
Diesel trucks
How can Oakland further reduce air pollution?
How can trees help reduce air pollution In Oakland?
Trap and hold particle pollutants (dust, ash, pollen and smoke)
Absorb CO2 and other dangerous gases
replenish the atmosphere with oxygen
Produce enough oxygen for 18 people every day
In one year, a tree can absorb equal amounts of CO2 that you produce when you drive your car 26,000 miles.
Stop illegal trucks
How can Oakland conserve energy and resources?
West Oakland Environmental Integrity Project(EIP)

Conserve energy - turn off appliances and lights when you leave the room, Recycle paper, plastic, glass bottles, cardboard, and aluminum cans.
people understand what they should do, but they are not used to doing it.
Mandela students are helping by joining after school
programs like the recycling of trash, collecting used batteries
and creating a garden (Food Justice Program).

How are young people helping find solutions to air pollution?
There are many ways to help reduce air pollution.
Trees, reduction of goods, change Diesel trucks followed by trains, cars, the freeway, airport, and the port of Oakland.

Students also made a presentation to classmates
educating them on the environment.
(Youth For a Sustainable Environment)
Is this important
What have I learn
My field service
students care about the environment problems.
Air pollution can be harmful to humans especially children and the elderly.
I join the food justice program.
stay after school watering the plants and trees.
participated in a food sale in the school
24 hour relay challnge
Thank you!
Any questons?
What causes parts of Oakland to be polluted?
This topic is important to me because.....
According to Mr. Muller, chemistry teacher at Fremont Federation of High Schools
The Ozone

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