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No description

Jillian Scott

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Representation

An Introduction to
student representation Representation Overview of the session Recognising representatives Recognising Attributes In groups, list some of the skills and qualities that made these people good/bad representatives Student Representatives The City of Glasgow College is committed to ensuring that
every Student’s voice is heard and that students are at the
centre of everything we do’
City of Glasgow College website: 2011

The Students’ Association is here to represent and support you throughout your time at college. We want students to have a voice in order to make the College better in all areas from the learning and teaching experience to the sports clubs and facilities on offer. The importance
student representatives Aims and Objectives Aim: To give an introduction to student representation at COGC Session Plan Icebreaker
Activity one - Recognising Representatives
Activity two - Recognising representative attributes
Activity three - Representative responsibilities
Feedback and review of aims and objectives Objectives:
1. Develop an understanding of the representative role and responsibilities
2. Identify the skills and qualities that make a good student rep
3. Gain a practical understanding in representing and being represented Are any of these attributes applicable to student representatives? List 3 benefits of being a class rep for
A. The college
B. For the representative themself. Job Description Have a look over the job description and discuss whether your answers match any of the ones given in the description. Would anyone like to nominate themselves??????
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