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No description

Kaitlyn Welsh

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of Harbinger

Mission Objective
To establish a base for future colonization.
To determine if Mars could possibly have now or in the past contained life.
Why Humans are Necessary
Humans are more reliable than robots.
Humans are quicker and more efficient workers.
First hand accounts could be beneficial to understanding chemical and weather processes
Mission Logistics
Landing site: Curiosity rover landing site
Due to its current success
Astronauts would live in pod that has been brought with them
Systems that recycle water and air would attach to pod
an electrolyzer would be sent to mars in a previous space craft to provide additional breathable air
Mission Difficulties
Necessities-Including food, water, oxygen, etc.
Establishing the base on the first day.
Bringing the Astronauts.
Finding a necessary amount of funding.
Stayin Alive
An expansive pod that is able to stretch out across the surface of the planet, creating a home base of sorts for our Astronauts.
Three large shipping containers that will provide various quantities of supplies and materials that can be used to repair and also further expand the base.
Astronauts will take landing ship to main ship which is in orbit around mars to go home.
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