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Unit 6 - Presentation

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Janice Fenech

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Unit 6 - Presentation

Take into consideration your:
Attitudes and behaviour
Our own learning can affect others through our contributions. We can leave an impact on:
Service users

The above persons can in turn benefit from our own learning.
How own learning may benefit others
Evaluation of Own Development
As a future care worker it is also important to be able to evaluate your own development. During the course of this program, you have developed in a number of areas including:
Personal development
Development taking place during placements
Potential careers

Think about what you have developed:
Less well
Areas which you still need to work upon
To have a good evaluation it is important to bring together all the information to bring out a conclusion. You also need to show evidence and judge the importance or success of something.
How can others benefit?
Examples include:
Teaching others a new skill or knowledge that you learned.
Being able to organise activities which are more appropriate for the needs of service users.
Being able to understand better situations.
Better communication resulting from understanding situations.
Less need for basic training.
Ability to communicate with professionals.
Having previous experience on how to deal with certain issues.
Being aware of own process leading to a better service provision.
D1 & D2
Unit 6 - Presentation
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