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BCM Media

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Gamification

Virgin Australia - Velocity Frequent Flyer Program
Remember: The House Always WINS!
Process of using game
thinking and mechanics
to engage users

Who is doing it well?
How can brands gamify?
Why should Brands Gamify?
There is a belief that it works -
Gartner: 'By 2014, 70% of organisations will have at least one gamified application or process'
The Sweet Spot of Gamification
A Scoring
Short Term achievable Goals
Clear set
of rules
A Game Needs
Business Objectives
Player Objectives
The Sweet spot
80% of gamified applications will fail to meet business objectives (mainly due to poor design)
There is evidence that it works
Increased trail usage of a product
Increased visitation to websites
Does that mean it will work for all brands?
Dr Paul Ralph observes that most gamification efforts are likely to fail as they simply replicate game interface elements to manipulate the customer instead of utilising game design elements to motivate a player.
Quick stats
47% female & 53% male

75% aged 18+

94% of people 6 to 15 years are gamers

43% of people aged 51 or older are gamers

Average age of a gamer is 32 years old

57% play daily

43% of daily players use mobile phones
Know your audience - do they fit a profile likely to adopt gamification?
Define your business objectives - Short term v Long Term
Define your player objectives - Intrinsic motivation vs Extrinsic motivation
Choose your platform - out of the box, customise or bespoke
Nike + - Online running community
LinkedIn - Online professional community
Brand Promotion
Product Awareness
Behaviour Change
Creative Expression
3 Intentions
Create brand advocates
Develop a new communication channel
encourage positive brand associations
Make the product the hero
Cross promote products
Integrate online & offline experience
Recognise that it is difficult
Give the tools to understand the behaviour
Reward positive behaviour & punish negative
Human desire to be the best

Examples: High scores, leaderboards, head-to-head challenges

Why? Drives users back for return visits
Angry birds - enough said

Farmville - More users than twitter. Designers use the phscology of design to sustain engagement

Tetris - players are meant to fail. There are no points or rewards it is all about mastering the art

Examples: badges, unlocking levels, level-up, any form of game reward

Why? Drives users back for return visits
Share a common cause

Examples: teamwork, using platforms to connect to players, gifting

Why? helps keep engagement levels higher for longer
Personalisation that gives freedom

Examples: Make your own....., choose your favourite....decorate with a.......

Why? helps players to feel empowered & free

Examples: Solve a puzzle, find the hidden object, combine elements

Why? Encourages exploration and return visits
Need to measure:
Daily active users/monthly active users
Social shares
Session length, time and date
Number of unique players
Retention rate
Don't play games with me!
Get your game on!
Game responsibly!
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