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What is Drupal?

No description

Jessica Wilson

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of What is Drupal?

Today's project About us and our projects What you need Browser with inspection tool, such as Firefox and Firebug.
Optional, but nice: A lorem ipsum generator (in your browser)
Your manual.
“Before you start” in manual
Download the appendix
Your Drupal Gardens site
Browser opened to drupal.org Drupal v Drupal Gardens? Download: http://training.acquia.com/hellodrupal What is Drupal? Some differences Let's get started with... Changing your site title Check! Help resource
My Sites
Save as draft option
Good for collaboration.
Maintained by a server.
Updates the software automatically
Implements improvements in Drupal
Provides support in the forums (free) and tickets (paid) Compared to other CMSs:
Highly configurable functionality and UX.
Extendable with API and custom themes.
Compared to frameworks:
Time/effort saved with sub-systems.
Time/effort saves with distributions.
A large ecosystem of service providers and specialists.
Large and active community. Why choose Drupal An online presence
A publishing platform
A robust search tool
Discussion platform
Citizen and student
A digital library
Band launch platform
Service builder
Product builder Drupal is... Roles and permissions Content editing Blocks: Basic layout tool Administration Drupal is flexible, but most tested on...
Linux *, Apache *, MySQL *, PHP
* works well with others The ***P stack Creative Commons Attribution http://www.flickr.com/photos/ftmeade/6134210742/ By Fort Meade http://drupal.org/requirements Upcoming DrupalCon Portland
May 2013 Sydney
February 2013 Active contribution Data as of March 2012- Check Drupal.org for updates! drupal.org http://tinyurl.com/localdrupal Regional and niche http://groups.drupal.org/events 3000 + 4751 4200 2250 1350 750 150 50 2012
& Munich 2011
Chicago &
London 2010
San &
Copenhagen 2009
DC &
Paris 2008
& Szeged 2007
& Sunnyvale 2006
& Brussels 2005
Antwerp A growing community Meetups and Camps Conferences Extensive API Highly Configurable
CMS Specialized Services Active and Growing Community Content first. Gives more control of the data that is saved. Modules for functionality Themes for appearance Sites are more interactive,
social and media rich. Trusted users add and edit content.
Allow power users to manage menus and navigation.
Further: Drupal can be configured to let users modify and manage layouts. CMSs - a step further Database driven Website maintenance Content and presentation mixed in HTML Why does it exist? A closer look Why do we have CMSs? What you may be thinking Compare Body text Tags Location Title Image upload Title Structured content Blocks and menus Views listing Custom menus About menu Main menu Generated by a module regions.drupalgardens.com Regions Existing and popular services? Likely there’s a module.
A proprietary service? There may not be an existing module.
Your unique data source or custom application will require scripting. Integration Drupal + Twitter 4 Login and tweet 3 1 2 Tweet this button Link to account Display feed & archive library.acquia.com/articles/drupal-integration-twitter Integration Third party services




JQuery libraries

http://drupal.org/project/addtoany Social




for details on third party integration Full post Teaser Content display Add image field Configure display ** Want MORE display modes? Use Display Suite. Example: London.gov.uk Module:
Code that alters, extends or enhances Drupal’s base functionality.

Provides the look, feel, and UX for your site.

Distributions/Installation profiles:
Packaged Drupal + Modules, themes and configuration for a use-case “Projects” Can Drupal do X? Themes © 2010 Acquia, Inc. The more contributed
projects you use,
the less custom code
you need to write. “Contrib” and “Custom” “Core” “Contrib” and “Custom” “Core” ✖ Don’t hack core Drupal Drupal Community Developing your skills When choosing a module, consider:
Can you build with existing tools?
Build with Fields and Views? Clicking together PuzzledBy brad montgomery
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) More generic, flexible solutions.
Don’t duplicate effort.
Standardize administration.
Less dependence on custom code. http://www.mediacurrent.com/blog/drupal-maintenance-challenge-and-how-manage-it-part-2 Tempting variety Take a “maintenance first” approach to module selection Currency

Recent commits (last 4 weeks)?

Recent release? (green/stable)

Issue queue responsiveness and maintenance? Reach

Community around module?

Related modules?

Number of installations?

Integrate with other modules? Reputation

Maintainers other contributions and involvement,

IRC, word of mouth, appearance in case studies and blog posts. Key indicators 4 2 5 3 1 drupal.org/project/bean Reading a project page Compare Project information How to find a module Drupal.org
Similar module review
By usage A combination of configuration and then customizing with code.
What theming in Drupal entails
We’ll take a closer look
What skills you need Making a theme Drupal Gardens is different Making a theme in Drupal Overriding a push system Do not put SQL queries directly into the theme. Not OK. (Make a module).
Follow best practices for configuring content, such as resizing images on the server, and not with CSS.
Do use Style Guide module to reveal the styles used by Drupal. Theming Tips A closer look Custom coding in Drupal Configure first and override.
Reduce duplicate effort!
Custom “glue” for sites.
Skills required: Making a module End-user experience They use the product, application or site

User testing
happens here

Get them
involved early Functionality Products Building components Platform Web Framework Editor experience Trusted managers

Moderate content,
Alter layout,
configure the site

Make their
experience better!

Don’t forget to user
test with these folks! Functionality Products Building components Platform Web Framework Site building - 80-90% Select, install and configure modules

Configure themes

A survey
A forum
A content type
Display of content Functionality Products Building components Platform Web Framework Custom coding 10-20% Developing modules

CSS/HTML for theme

Work with the platform
Identify “hooks” - Which events?

Integrate with other components, APIs Functionality Products Platform Use or create hooks- a simple callback function called on specific events.
Check access control.
Access data, from within Drupal or other datasource.
Insert, update and delete data.
Generate blocks.
Display results, or expose data to Views.
Theme how results or outcomes appear. What can you do? Unit 3.1 Upgrading Drupal Update: Is a minor change, 7.12 > 7.15
Upgrade: A major version 6.x > 7.x
“We can break people's code, but not people's data.”
Drupal is not backward compatible.
Data is maintained, upgrade paths available for Drupal core and popular modules. The drop is always moving. A new version of a module does not mean upgrade path for data.
Sometimes old modules are not upgraded, but moved to a more popular solution. Caveats Web languages: HTML/CSS/JavaScript
PHP: For module development
Visual design for CMSs
User experience design Skills needed http://bit.ly/mad-skillz bit.ly/mad-skillz Take the quiz! http://bit.ly/mad-skillz Skills Map http://j.mp/drupalskills If you haven’t already - create a user account on Drupal.org

Find a user group or a topical group
http://tinyurl.com/localdrupal Find your people Resources Drupal Gardens docs drupal.org/books drupalize.me training.acquia.com Documentation + Planet Also see drupal.org/planet Feedback please! http://training.opensourcery.com/HDeval Any questions? In HTML:

Body text
Media (video, images) Advanced



Beginner HTML


Drupal Site-building

PHP ThemeBuilder Advanced



Advanced HTML


Drupal Site-building

PHP Products Web Framework Building components Functionality Thank you for attending! Upgrade process http://drupal.org/node/570162 upgrade contrib create a test site Perform upgrade code data Make a backup maintenance mode login user/1 update all Prepare Research core upgrade replace new files disable non-core
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